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Just diagnosed at age 70; any advice?

Grandma J
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My husband was just diagnosed - Gleason 7, T-2 - given referral to Dr. Moran at Chicago Prostate Cancer Center; they do a lot of radiation seeding there & also DaVinci robotic surgery, among other things. We are trying to learn as much as we can about options so we can have intelligent discussions with doctors & make good decisions.

Any recommendations for books, web sites, or ?? Any experience with side effects from radiation seeding?

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Aloha Grandma J,
A good site to visit is
There is also a site for spouses
There are choices of treatment for prostate cancer. Each treatment can have side affects. What ever choice you make must be between the doc doing the treating and your husband and you. The web is full of explanations and suggestions. Other good sites are National Cancer Institute, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, John Hopkins, and Mayo Clinic. Some sites do offer to answer questions. Every prostate cancer patient is unique and the choice of treatment usually comes down to "what can I handle and what treatment has the least life altering results". Like what the heck is going to happen to me and am I going to be able to live with my choice.
I would strongly suggest that you seek help from BHS. My wife and I waited way to long after treatment and it is a difficult road to travel. My treatment seem like the best choice, but this last year (+) was very difficult for both of us.
Have faith, have hope, our prayers are with you.
Joe 67 Hamakua Coast Hawaii

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My husband was also just diagnosed and his scores are real close. He is having a bone scan and some other tests on Monday. I will be watching your replies to see what advice you get. I have found some books, including one called "Prostate Cancer For Dummies." Not a very good title, but it does explain things in reasonably understandable language.
Good Luck and God Bless

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Grandma and Opus,

I am very sorry to learn of your spouse's diagnosis. Fortunately, I think you have both discovered an invaluable source of support.

I am a 7 3/4 yr survivor of prostate cancer. In my case I elected to have surgery, although there are others here that chose different paths. You will receive information on this site from survivors at different stages in their lives and with different outcomes from their treatments. All patients are different and so are the results of their treatments.

In my case,at age 58, I chose the risks associated with surgery versus the sometimes lesser side effects of other treatments. Fortunately, I did not have any of the possible side effects and have not had any indication of re-occurrance of the cancer. Since my surgery in 2001 there have been many improvements to the surgical procedures.

If either of you have any questions you feel too personal, don't hesitate to e-mail me at this site.

Prayers and lots of love,


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Grandma J

You are among good hearted company in this group. I'm sorry it has to be under these circumstances but I assure you the people on this site are a wealth of information and support. I am 40 and was diagnosed in November. I am currently going to consultations to find the surgeon of my choice and schedule a date. My decision for surgery is based soley on my age and specific situation. I can tell you that finding a medical team that will "manage" your husbands prostate cancer is important. Reach out to every tool available to educate yourself, the internet is great,books and fellow survivors such as the ones on this site. You'll find yourself overwhelmed at times with information and it's ok to just turn it all off and walk away till you're curious again, I do that everyday.Don't be afraid to ask questions, the survivors are always willing to share and the doctors owe it to you.

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Check on the medicinal herbs with AHCC. Much success in Japan, available here in US, reserched and well documented sucessful with conventional therapies. FREE booklet on AHCC gives doseages/clear it with your oncologist

Mushrooms that fight cancer..http://form.hsibaltimore.com/reports/mushroom_cancer.pdf
Published Research:

Also check:


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I found these books AFTER my surgery. Wish I had them before.

1-Dr. Peter Scardino's "Prostate Book" Avery Press. I found it at Barnes and Noble

2-Dr. Patrick Walsh's "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer (Second Edition)" Warner Wellness Press. also at Barnes and Noble

3-My Dallas Doctor gave me "100 Questions and Answers about Prostate Cancer" Pamela Ellsworth MD and John Heaney MD Tap Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Good Luck on your decisions. The "Prostate Cancer for Dummies" is not as detailed but good.

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no.1 you must visit www.floridaproton.org.
A good book to buy ( you can beat prostate cancer and you do not need surgery to do it). by Robert J Marckini (isbn 978 0 6151 4022 3
good luck

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