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A lil about me...

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Joined: Sep 2008

Hey yall, I'm Sarah. I'm new to this, so I figured I would just write a lil blurb about me and my disease, so ya'll can know a lil about me, and maybe weel have something in common!
For over a year I was sick with fevers and vomiting and severe back pain. My mother finally demanded the doctor to give me an MRI and they found "a spot" on my spine. So they did a CT scan and found enlarged Lymphnodes and an enlarged spleen. I was referred to an Oncoligist and she ordered my spleen out right away. (Turns out I had 2 spleens!) They did a lymph node byopsey and I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma on June 3rd, 2008. I began treatment right away. I am going on to my 8th treatment and ALL of the tumors in the lymph nodes are GONE...but that "spot" on my spine is still there and because I was left untreated for so long the cancer spread to the bone. Overall, my cancer is 80% gone, and the "spot" and cancer in my bones has been reduced by 40%. That's pretty much it in a nut shell. I could drag it out, but I wont. Other than that I'm 24, I have a 2 year old son, I live in Greenwood, SC with my parents. They really help me!! I'm looking forward to talking to all of you and getting to know everyone here. This really seems like an amazing place from what I've seen so far! Take care and God Bless. Talk to yall later!
~Sarah Jean~

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Joined: Feb 2007

Welcome to the CSN boards where you will find lots of good people. Its a great place for support and to bounce ideas around. And we learn we are not alone with side effects and emotional issues. I have not seen anyone that claims to have the answers to everything. I am Slickwilly and I had Difuse large B-Cell Lymphoma 5 years ago. My problem was it was in my face and not in my lymph system so it complicated the whole mess. But that is what happens when you work with chemicals that can get in the nervous system. I am 53 and live in Upper Michigan. I have a daughter your age and twins that are 22. Its hard for me to imagine a person your age having cancer. I am so sorry. Its great that your parents are helping you out. I envy you as you have a 2 year old son. I would imagine he is into discovering everything and that is so fun to watch. And it sure gives you a reason to keep fighting. I wish they had caught your cancer sooner but sometimes its not in the cards. It took about 5 months to nail mine down and that didn't include 2 years of root canals while the cancer was growing in my facial nerves. You thought you were sick and I thought I had dental problems. Well, you will beat this because we won't accept any other option. You have too many years in front of you and way too much to get done. And I am counting on you going back to work as I really need Social Security. Sarah there is nothing wrong with a sense of humor here. The Lord knows we need it. God Bless and take care Slickwilly

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Joined: Oct 2008

Hi Sarah, I had stage 4 NHL. I, too, had similar symptoms. I ignored them for far too long, but fortunately my wife (ironically an RN who is the Director of Hospice Nursing) dragged me into the ER. I had my last treatment a year and a half ago. So far, so good. I found myself getting choked up over your story and I pray that things go well for you. It was nice to hear how supportive your family is and what a blessing it must be to see your son growing, laughing and loving you. Each day is a joy. We live in the Rockies almost next door to the Stanley Hotel (setting for the movie "The Shining"). I wish you the best. Keep smiling and don't lose hope (you may enjoy a book "The Anatomy of Hope" by Dr. Jerome Groopman, MD. There is a chapter devoted entirely to Lymphoma.) Don't give up. Fight. Stand.

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