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I am new here and hope I am in the right group.
Today I had my 35th out of 45 radiation treatments for prostate cancer.
It seems each day I get a little more exhausted and totally
fatigued. Is this a normal reaction to radiation?

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Hello there,

You are in the right group as this is the discussion board for prostate cancer. My partner had radiation for his prostate cancer and he also experienced being fatigue and bone pains. This is a side effect of the treatment but of course not everyone is affected by it the same way. My partner was ordered 6 weeks of treatment every single day but for example he was able to go to therapy alone, yet at times felt tired to go for even a walk. I think if you feel tired, you should get rest whenever your body needs it and also there is a great need for vitamins and healthy eating in order to boost up your immune system.

Hope I could bring you some help!

Take care of yourself!


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Thank you for the responce. Somedays I am so very tired it's difficult
to walk also,sometimes even my arms feel weak and tired.
I have 9 treatments left out of the 45 scheduled.
Once again thank you very much.
Good luck...Harry

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Aloha Harry,
Yes ... tired, no stamina, don't want to do anything but rest & sleep...all part of EBRT/IMRT. I drove the first two weeks of treatment, my wife drove the remaining 6 weeks. At the end of the third week, I wanted to quit ... so tired ... going to toilet was very painful, both 1 & 2. I was given sufficient mind & pain meds to make it through.
Seek mental help now, it will make life much better. If you have a partner in life, include them in everything. We waited for almost a year before getting help ... not good ... things sorta fell apart before we ask for help.
A good web-site is www.yananow.net. Post any questions, get answers from people just like you, been there, done that. Web-sites can provide info, but you must, from your doctor, get the info that you use to make treatment choices.
Hang in there, have hope, faith,
Joe 67 Hamakua Coast

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Hi Harry,

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis of PC. I did not have any radiation for my cancer (PC) but my wife just completed 33 for Breast Cancer. She is TOTALLY exhausted, so I don't think your exhaustion is unusual.

Good luck on your conquering the Beast!!!!


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Thanks for the reply..Sorry to hear about your wife. It has been 18 days now since last radiation and fatigue is getting worse. It just sucks the life out of me. Some say it lasts from 3 weeks to several months. It is quite dibilitating. Hope you stay well.

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I completed five weeks of Radiation treatments, 5 per week for a total of 25 in August and got seeds in October. I was able to function but got very tired every afternoon and often would fall asleep in my chair. It is now about 3 months later and my strength has returned; I actually feel better now than I did before.

If you want to read my story go to the Expressions Gallery.

Be encouraged!

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