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Cervical cancer at 22.....feeling pretty alone.

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I'm 22 and recently diagnosed with Stage 1a1 Cervical cancer. I'm scared out of my mind. I haven't told most people in my life but a select few. I want to handle this on my own and be a strong and independent woman, but I am having a really hard time. I start Oral Chemotherapy in just a few days and just typing this is bringing tears to my eyes. No one I know really understands the emotional trauma that the diagnosis alone causes. Just a few months ago my biggest problem was trying to keep fit and lose weight, and making sure I have as much fun as possible. Now I have to worry about keeping my food down. I think I just need to hear someone else out there who understands first hand the emotional aspect of this horrible disease. I have no one really, a few friends. Mom got fed up with my pride and gave up on me. I'm so alone it hurts.

Thank you,

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hi, so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, i was diagnosed 1b1 just over a year ago - a rad hyst and a very long journey later i am doing very well, please check out www.jotrust.co.uk, it is an immense help to me and hopefully could be to you too (the lets met forum is great), you will get through this, hang in there xxxxx booshista xxxx

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Sorry to hear your news. I've just been diagnosed recently too but I'm 26 so a little bit older. My cc isat stage 3 so I have chemo and radiation therapy for 5 weeks, starting treatment on wednesday. As posted before please look at the jo's trust website, everyone is fantastic and really supportive.

Feel free to get in touch if you ever want to chat.

Take care

Jac x

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You're not alone. I'm 23 and was just diagnosed too, cervical adenocarcinoma, also 1a1. I know how you feel... I have support from my friends and family, but it's hard to talk to people who aren't going through it. The emotional strain is having a huge impact on me. Sometimes I forget about it and life feels normal, but for the most part I'm thinking about it constantly. I'm just trying to look forward to the day I can get an 'all clear' and start pushing this to the back of my mind.

I know it's been a while since you posted, but feel free to PM me. It would be great to have someone to talk to who understands how I'm feeling.

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Hi, My name is Shawn and I am now 47 (I know OLD) I had the same Cancer as you girls 17 years ago and the fear and not knowing was more than I can explain in typing:( But please stay positive and live for today! Don't let Cancer win !!!! I still worry somedays BUT it does get better . I just wish someone would have told me that years ago so I would not have wasted so many years I can't get back. Enjoy life and you are in my thoughts and prayers ~ Hugs Shawn from Iowa

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Hi Charlene,

I know you posted this a while ago and at this moment in your life you may have accepted the diagnosis and may be somewhere else in your healing process.

I just wanted to let you know that I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 21. I was a junior in college and didn't have a care in the world but was suddenly hit with such news. It was shocking and scary, but with support of good friends and close family, I saw my way through. It was a long year of surgeries, treatments, and medications. And a long trying year of emotions and obstacles. But I made it through and dusted myself off. I finished college a semester late, but was able to use my experience to make myself travel and enjoy life in a different way.

I am now 27 working in cancer research and this April will mark 5 years disease free. I can say that at the time of my diagnosis the world seemed dim and during treatment it was scary to be so young and to face such a huge moment. But it gets better and staying positive and hopeful is your best bet. It may be scary to tell other people of your disease but the best support comes from those who love you. You will find who truly cares about you in this experience. Those few friends you have could turn into the best people in your life.

Don't feel hopeless. Put all that scary energy you feel and put it towards a positive light. Use it and you will overcome. I know you will.

Please if you have any questions about my experience or would like advice, contact me at any time. Stay strong.

Take Care,

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I am 22 years old too.I just want to say that be brave and don't worry everything will b fine.I'll pray for you.My sis had a opration of ovarian cyst last year and she is just 17 years old. Now she is fully recoverd.So stay hopeful and fight for your life bravely...
take good care of you my friend

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Dont be alone, the more u talk bout with friends, or other cancer suviors the more you can heal yourself.I went to church and love of my family I heal nicely...It has been 16yrs since I had the same cancer as U did. I hope this helps

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I am going through the same thing. I told a selected few and my man doesn't understand. He always wants to have sex and I don't feel like it.I lost alot of weight and am not as sexy as before. I have this huge scar on my stomach. My mom just went into the hospital today. She has bone, lung, and brain cancer, I just need someone to talk to. guilloryvenecia@yahoo.com

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Hi ladies. I'm new to this board. My name is nicki i'm 27 years old.
I was diagnosed when I was 26 with a rare type of Cervical cancer called Glassy Cell Carcinoma.
I just wanted to let you know that your not alone.
If you ever need someone to talk to u can PM me or please feel free to email me.

I understand Venecia how you must be feeling, as I am struggling with the sexual after effects myself.

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