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CA125 Pre-surgery: 50; POST-surgery: 190.5!!! Why???? :(

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I just phoned to get the results of my CA125 blood work drawn at my post-op ongologist appointment. My pre-surgery CA126 was 50 (even though I was diagnosed as Stage 3C), and I was so hoping that AFTER my hysterectomy and staging, that my CA125 would drop down within the normal range. Then, I thought, I could rest easy at night, believing in my heart that they got all of the cancer cut out of me last month during the hysterectomy, and that the upcoming radiation and chemo were just a precaution because I would secretly believe that I was ALREADY cancer-free. No such luck. In preparation with my first consultation today with my radiology oncologist to talk about my further treatments, I phoned to get my blood test results. My CA125 went up to 190.5, POST-surgery. Clearly the cancer lives on within me somewhere else. I could cry. Now I will go to my radiology consultation appointment today fighting for the most aggressive almost-kill-you sandwich of radiation and chemo. My kind of rare uterine cancer (UPSC) doesn't clump up into tumours but instead travels freely in microscopic form, resistant to treatment, famous for reoccurance within very short intervals. I so wanted to have that secret hope to hug to my heart. I am devastated by the news I just got. How seriously do you all rely on CA125's? Is there any other diagnostics they could give me that would show where the new cancer is hiding? Wow; this is so hard! :(

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Hold on!!!!! You may have come to some wrong conclusions. If I recall from all of my ca125 testing ...your surgery itself could be why your ca125 is jumping around. Even a slight cold can set it off. Let your body heal a bit before you trust this test. God bless you in all of your decisions today. If you need to talk or call me please do.

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Ive had ultrasound done a week ago that showed ascities, then had annual came back normal, had blood work twice once for my normal annual testing that was low levels, then just got back my CA125 my levels are at 422.

My stomach in just 1 month is so swollen, I look pregnant, I've retaining fluid, no appetite, if i do eat i feel nauseated, I have a mass growing in my tummy with pains, my right kidney is not working properly ultrasound showed my ob/gyn.

Can this be some type of cancer?

I go for ctscan in a few days, gastro and urologist soon.

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Dear LF72673, this is an older thread but it popped up to the top when you commented.  CA125 levels are used as a tool in cancer diagnoses so it is a possibility and I would say if they believe it is ovarian or peritoneal cancer you will want to work with a gynecologic oncologist.  They specialize in 'below the belt' cancers for women and will best be able to help you.

As a footnote, so many of us found these Discussion Boards through Miss Linda during one of our world-wide-web searches.  I would be cautious of things you read out there on Dr. Google but would suggest you come back here to ask any questions.  While it can be a little slow some days, we all check in on all the gyn boards and there is a lot of information from women who have, or are going through, the battle.

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