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Weird thinking?

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The other day I was reading a self-help book, and someone had wrote in about them having cancer, they felt it was meant to be to get this horrible disease, she looks at life very differently, appreciating people, family, friend more. I never quite understood this before when I heard people talk about this, but now that I have been diagnosed, I actually feel happier more content with everything! I know it sounds weird but maybe this happened to me for a reason I truly appreciate everything in my life, not that I didn't before, but it's different...I just booked a trip to Fl. the week after my last treatment (before my surgery) normally I would have thought about it for a while, but we are put on this earth for such a short time, enjoy it!!! Live life to the fullest, appreciate the small things.
God bless all

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Not wierd at all.

I, too, have felt the same, amazing how little "stuff" I want or need now. I'm seeing my time on this earth as very brief and I want to enjoy each and every moment.

I so much appreciate everything in my life now. Life is so short, I just want to enjoy each and every moment God gives me!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and maybe cancer happened to me, too, for a reason.

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Sometimes it takes a horrible event in our lives to open our eyes and to realize what God has given us and not to take it for granted, but to embrace it, enjoy it and love it to it's potential. It is LIFE

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I know what you mean. It is sometimes hard to explain to others. I agree with nudgie.

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Yes. I am not someone who chose to make radical changes in my life after my diagnosis -- it was nice to realize that I am, for the most part, content with everything. But, I have noticed some big changes. For one, I say "yes" much more (especially to anything involving spending quality time with family). Also, I definitely "don't sweat the small stuff". I was previously somewhat Type A. Not really anymore. This is a good thing.


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