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Newly Diagnosed/Awaiting Surgery

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I am 3 weeks of being diagnosed with renal carcenoma. Left Kidney has tumor(golf ball size) at the top. I was told by the surgeon that he thinks the Kidney can be saved. I am receiving the robotic surgery. I was 17 years cancer free of female type cancer. Why does radiation not work on Kidney cancers. If you have had this surgery I would like to hear from you. I have a very low tolerance for pain unfotunately. Also what is the percentage of having cancer in the bladder associated with the kidney cancer. Thank you for your kindness in advance.

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Hi AuntieMo:
rcc does not respond to radiation, nor does it respond to the conventional chemotherapies - bluntly, the medical reasons that it doesn't don't matter - it just doesn't. rcc is usually a slow-growing cancer, and even though yours is small and a partial neph is a common and very sucessful procedure, I would recommend that you not listen to the "we got it all" talk after surgery. Find an rcc specialist, get set-up on a regular follow-up program which involves ct-scans. And plan on doing it for the duration. Why?? rcc has a nasty way of metastasizing, especially in the lymph nodes, lungs, bone, and other places - slowly and silently growing in a location that is often undetectable without scans.The forum on the Kidney Cancer Association is loaded with great information. Too many good doctors, including oncologists and urologists, are woefully inept when dealing with rcc because of its peculiar characteristics and treatment protocols. I speak with some authority and experience - I have been an rcc survivor for over a decade. Warmest Wishes - Mickeral

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Hi Mickeral
I was recently operated 7/08. I also got the saying "I got it all". I don't want to think about later out come but it is hard not to. My Drs all say it is all in my head not to read about it(rcc) or think I have anything. The MRI after surgery read ever thing normal(5 months after and because I asked for MRI). The next Dr Appt. is in May/09. Do you think I should have one earlier? The pathology of the partial kidney removed was Conventional Type(clear cell carcinoma). What are the chances that this would come back. I have no idea of what to expect in May. So much for my surgery tell me about yours.


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hello Auntiemo,

I am a survivor of kidney cancer. In October '08, I had a left partial nephrectomy performed laparoscopically. As far as how painful, I can't really be accurate because I had a total hysterectomy for uterine cancer just three months before (July"08) and so I was still experiencing some discomfort from that.
The pain associated with the kidney surgery was tolerable and pain medication helped a lot. Remember, the incisions are small and heal quickly. The most difficult thing for me was feeling so tired all the time. I spent a lot of time napping.
My doctor also said that the only solution for kidney cancer is to remove it. Although I did have a few complications after surgery, I am so glad I had it. My most recent tests show that the remaining portion of my left kidney is healing well and functioning normally....meaning I again have two healthy functioning kidneys.
I agree with mickerol about having followups. I will be checked again in 3 months at the one year mark and if all is well, again in a year.
If you are not sure of your decision, it is okay to get a second opinion. It is important to have trust in your surgeon and be comfortable with your decision. Good Luck and I will remember you in my prayers. There are lots of wonderful people on this site who are willing to listen and answer any of your questions. Nonatoo

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I just underwent a partial nephrectomy myself. I was diagnosed with renal cell carcenoma and it was Stage I, Grade II. It was located on the top of my left kidney also. They removed 1/3 of my kidney and I was told they got it all. So far all is well.

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I had almost the exact same tumor size and location. I had robotic surgery on 6/2 and they only took 20% of the kidney. Post op was smooth. I went home after three days with the drain still in place. It came out two days later. Never had any blood in urine after they removed the catheter on the day after surgery.

My urologist recommended keyhole surgery and then robotic. My pathology report said clear margins and I have not had any problems after surgery. I have a chest xray scheduled for December and then an abdominal CT six months later.

I recommend the robotic surgery, but it is more expensive. Make sure your insurance ok's the robot before surgery. And ask your surgeon how many of these procedures he has done on RCC.



I did not have any Chemo or radiation, but they don't work well on RCC anyway. If you have any mets, you probably will get some treatments, but the size of your tumor indicates stage 1 to me.

I think bladder cancer is only associated when you have involvement of the ureter and it spreads to the bladder. Yours being on the top probably means no spread to bladder. I read somewhere that radiation does not work for RCC because these cells are tougher than lung or breast cells. Think about it.... they live in a very toxic urine environment in the kidney, so they have to be tough!

Good luck on your surgery. It is over before you know it and you will recover quickly, but do not over do it. Let your body heal in a non-stressful environment if you can.


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Being under surgery is somewhat like taking a risk, if you think you can still save your kidney, you have to overcome your fear of pain.
ogden doctors

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