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CPT 11 Vs 5 fu

Tswe Member Posts: 6
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My wife was getting fluorouracil 4oomg plus a 1200mg bottle infusion over 2 days, bevacizumeb 5mg and leucovorin 400mg. The last two treatments she developed mouth sores. The last treatment they elemionated leucovorin and reduced flourouracil to the 1200 mg bottle over 2 days and still sores. Actually the last episode was worse with this reduction. Today they changed the regimen to irinotecan hci 100 mg and bevacizumab 5 mg hoping to eleminate sores. I'm concerned that this won't be as effective against the cc. Has anyone had experience with the new regimen regarding it's effectiveness, also mouth sores?


  • jenhopesprays
    jenhopesprays Member Posts: 124
    It is my understanding that the 2 drugs are equally effective as the "big guns" used to fight cc. In Europe they use CPT 11 first and in the states we favor 5FU both with oxyplatium.

    Try Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash for the mouth sores. Try to eliminate spicy and acidic food. Brush after each meal and floss daily. The Biotene helped me immensely. Also helps with dry mouth caused by chemo.

    You might find the following sites very helpful for technical info:

    Excellent resource with moderator Kate Murphy who is an extremely well versed and technically knowledgeable advocate for cc patients:

    Colon Cancer expert Dr Lenz's blog. I think he even has a blog on this particular subject.

    Another fave:

    Wishing you the best!

  • apache4
    apache4 Member Posts: 272
    I suffered with the mouth sores and they gave me something called Miracle Mouth which really, really helped. I am on CPT 11 now with no mouth problems, but it is also because the FolFox stopped working for me. What stage, etc.it she?
  • shmurciakova
    shmurciakova Member Posts: 906
    CPT 11 is a much stronger drug than 5-FU. It actually came out since I was diagnosed and I used it following my liver resection. I was taking CPT 11 with Xeloda. I developed hand and foot syndrome from the Xeloda and had to reduce my dosage of that. My doctor said not to worry because the CPT 11 was the drug that was doing the "most good".
    Best wishes,
    Susan H.