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Brain Tumor

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My father in law started forgetting names not making sense in some of his statements after his mother died on May 8,2008. After several doctors visits we were told by phone on Friday May 30th, that he had a brain tumor that is most likely malignant in the left temple area. On Monday we met with the doctor who says its approx 4 inches long and inoperable. No biopsy and no surgery.
Now he has gotten so bad he doesnt understand what the doctor is saying. He is getting furious that we continually take him to doctors when there is "nothing wrong with me". He is 66 and very active. but now he is not allowed to drive and we have a hard time getting him to go with us. There were no symptoms before the memory loss and he has gotten so bad now he understands nothing. Were and how do I get him the best possible care available. This doctor seems to think its hopeless. Im in roanoke Va. Is there any way we can get a doctor to see the MRI's and the CAT scans without having to drag him along.

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First, I want to say I'm so sorry your having to go through this.

Second, yes you should be able to get a BRAIN tumor CENTER to look at your scans before you ahve to take him there. I'm not sure if you have one in your area, but you can look it up online. The Left temperal lobe is a tricky place to have it, My moms spred there and changed everthing for her. She passed away 6 months after it moved to that area. She was 66 also. It's very hard, because that is the area of the brain that controls alot of things, like understanding, functions, emotions, movements the list goes on. I'm sorry, I've been there!.. PLEASE tell your family to be ready for the mood swings and to not take it personally. This is the time you need to spend with him...
I hope you find your answers.
Take care

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I am very familiar with what you are going through. My husband just had a brain tumor removed from the right temoporal lobe. HE too has terrible mood swings and is having a difficult time with this. He is taking radiation and chemo right now. His surgeon was Dr. William S, Reid, UT medical center, Knoxville, TN. He is supposed to be one of the best around. My husband was told that he may have to learn how to talk and could have many difficulties following the surgery, but he had no problems whatsoever. I have loved every doctor we have dealt with at UT. Dr. Reid's #865-329-4003 www.tnbrainandspine.com

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Contact MD Anderson Hospital in Texas...........They are the #1 hospital in the Nation. Miracles happen there everyday. You will not be sorry......

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