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my husband of 43 yrs has been diagnosed with stomach cancer,he is 66yrs old

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On the 15th of april 08 we heard this horrible news.I could not stop crying all that day and night.My husband broke down at times but seemed to be holding it better than i was.By day 2 i was getting back control of my emotions, and now we are both going through the process of finding out,how far the cancer has spread and what the doctors decide for treatment.He has had a catscan,petscan and lastly a laplaparoscopy which was done 4 days ago on the 20-05-08 its all been such a slow process getting to this point.On the 27-05-08 we are seeing the doctor to find out about the biopsies he took during the laparoscopy.He is testing a lump he found on my husbands liver, a milky white substance on the out side of his stomach,a lymph node he removed, and a couple of other lymph node biopsies.I hope the lump on his liver, is not from the stomach.The first week in june an oncologist for cancer of the liver is coming to our town hospital to evaluate what form of chemo for my hubby.This i feel, leads me to the conclusion that the lump on his liver looked nasty.Once we start chemo treatment i hope the cancer will be slowed down and eradicated.Best wishes and hugs to all, from joy.

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Joy, I was diagnosed with gastric cancer in January and underwent a partial gastrectomy and am in the recovery stages, I was lucky to have caught it early stage one. I didn't need any follow up care or treatment. I'm having more trouble dealing with the mental anguish now. Was your husband given the option of surgery or have not not gotten there yet? I know what your going through but was told there is always hope and cancer is not a death sentence these days. I'll pray for you both. Please communicate with me.

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My husbands doctor was not happy about finding the lump on his liver during his Laparoscopy,and if the biopsy shows it to be the same cancer which is in the stomach,his doctor said surgery to remove my husbands stomache would not be of any advantage.His doctor feels chemo therapy and perhaps radium, will be his only type of treatment.We are seeing the doctor this tuesday to discuss biopsy results.I am going to ask the doctor,if they would operate, and remove what ever they can.My husband wants to just leave it in the doctors hands and do what they want.So i will see what they suggest on tuesday.I will also ask what stage, my husbands cancer is..My husband started off with symptons of indigestion last year in august 2007.If it had not been for regular blood donations he was giving, to the red cross,his cancer would have gone undetected a lot longer,and not been diagnosed.It is a verry silent disease..Once when you had a stomach complaint,THATS here in Australia where we live, your doctor would send you to have a barium swallow xray,but nowadays they dont seem to do this much any more for some insane reason,now they just put you on medication for indigestion and IF, after some MONTHS, you still have symptons,then the doctor orders a gasoscopy,and if you cant afford private health insurance,you go on the public waiting list TO have this procedure done..My husband was lucky when he saw another doctor who got him in urgently,,his other family GP of many years, who my husband had faith in, just marked him down as non urgent,HE DOES NOT GO TO HIM ANYMORE BY THE WAY,BUT Its TRUE what they say, DOCTORS BURY THEIR MISTAKES...Anyway my sincere best wishes to everyone, from joy.

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I had a gastrectpmy 3 weeks ago. I had positive peritoneal washings (cancer cells in my peritoneal cavity) but no gross implants. Therefore they decided to treat me with Taxotere, Cis-Platinum, and 5 FU, followed by radieation , before surgery. It worked, and there was no gross tumor in my surgical specimen. Ask your doctor about that regimen. The peritoneal cytology became negative after the chemotherapy.

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Hi Joy,

Your husbands story sounds so very familiar to my fathers. My 63 year old father was diagnosed in early July with signet cell carcinoma of the stomach. His diagnosis came about in a very similar fashion to your husbands...beginning with an acid reflux diagnosis followed by months of various medications for heartburn until the final diagnosis in July. Since then, he has gone through his first round of chemo and radiation, and three surgeries. The first surgery found his lymph nodes to be cancerous, and his third surgery found nodules on his bowels that contain cancer. My Dad has emaciated to 110 pounds at 5'11", and cannot hold anything down. As I am sure you can appreciate, we are desperate for any words of wisdom, or any success story to share from someone who has walked a mile in his shoes.

He is feeling very blue right now, and is losing his will to fight.

I hope this note finds you and your husband with good health, a bright outlook, and happy days ahead.


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my father had his stomach removed last year since then he has had complications have you? what advice can you give? he has gone through chemo and radiation..

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