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Astrocytoma WHO grade III survivors

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Has anyone who has had a Primary Astrocytoma been able to get back to the exuberant, energetic lifestyle that they once had? I'm getting better (after seven years) but I still have so many difficulties.

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I'm sorry,
I would think that it depends on where the tumor was, I wish you well! Hang in there. I'm sure your getting better.

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After four years i still am not back to normal. Being in college and a math major, regular adding and subtracting is hard for me. things that seem simple to other people are the hardest for me to do.

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Where was your tumor at?

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I know what you mean, it is terribly frustrating.I was treated for an ependymoma at age 4.
I had surgery followed by radiation. I am now finding out that what you are experiencing is the late effects of treatment. For me the radiation causes cognitive problems, I've read it could be the surgery as well. Chemotherapy causes changes as well. Have you heard the term
chemobrain? The processing in the brain is slowed a lot because brain conections aren't there anymore. It's like loosing a lot of communication channels in the part of the brain where you were treatment was. I hope this helps you understand more. .

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