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Hello everyone, i'm just curious if anyone out there has tried accupuncture for chemo exhaustion??? Someone had mentioned it to me to try it, is it worth it??? God Bless All
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I haven't had it for that, but I have for other things, including my mental state after cancer treatment, sinus problems, other shoulder pain, etc. Actually I probably need to call my acupuncturist cause I was supposed to a while ago and I never did! I think it is worthwhile and besides it never hurts to get your "chi" in order.
-Susan H.

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I had accupuncture for chemo side effects. It helped my headaches, neuropathy, and I loved the hour of peace I felt when I was there. I still had fatigue. My nausea, bowel issues had to be controlled with conventional meds but yes, I think it was worth it, cost me about $700.00. I think the whole Chi thing makes sense to me.

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I had my treatment at Mass General and they promote accupunture and yoga in the cancer unit. I didn't do accupuncture, I did Yoga, it was great and accumpunture seemed to help may people.
Why not try it?

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