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stage 4

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tahnk you all for your encouraging words,my hubby will come with me to the onc the man wont leave my sight,I had 2 surgerys with in 6 weeks 1 st was my hystorectomy when they thought I had ovarian cancer then 6 weeks later was my colon resection and they found out I had colon cancer that went to my ovaries,then a week later I was back inthe Hospital with a severe wound infection it smelled so bad it made me gag,now my hips started hurting and burning real bad,which makes it hard to walk,I just feel I should be healing faster.I find myself getting down since I'm not doing as well as I want to,it seems everything is going to slow.

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Sounds like you have had a really rough time. Are you being seen at a major medical center? If not, you might think about it. No matter where you are make yourself heard by your doctors. You have had two major surgeries in 6 weeks. It takes a big toll. Make sure you are getting the treatment you need and deserve.

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Hi, Valerie here. recently diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. Had my surgery on 4/21 and will begin chemo on 5/19. I'm with Kaiser here in No. California. So far my doctors seem to really be on top of everything and have been wonderful in answering my questions and concerns. You mentioned about being connected to a major medical center. Are you saying a center that specializes in a particular cancer is better than a regular medical facility?

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Just want to let you know that you are in my prayers. Hang in there!!!

God bless,


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What I found that helps is to take your health into your own hands and not rely 100% on doctors. Ask all the question you feel necessary and ones that are necessary. I asked sooo many questions to my Onc., that he would spend more time in the hospital with me than any of his other patients.

Please speak with your surgeon and Onc Doc to find out what is causing all your pain and issues you are facing and don't forget to keep your GYN in volved as well.

Keep your family here posted and you are in my prayers.

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Thats strange about your hips hurting, my resection is 6 weeks past now and my hips are hurting so badly i can barely stand it. I go in tomorrow morning for my port insertion and then start chemo Tuesday and I fully intend to ask my chemo docs why my hips are so painful. I had extreme lower back pain before my surgery and the doc said that was from my tumor but now my back still hurts so he said my oncologist needs to be "checking" that out as well.
the hysterectomy alone was enough to make u feel totally crappy, remember thats like putting you instantly into menopause, mine did the same thing to me, but bless your heart with 2 major surgeries that close together, be proud of yourself, you are doing well. Hang in there, you'll feel better soon.

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