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My husband has been on a clinical trial taking Sutent before surgery. He has a tumor on each kidney. One was 10cm and the other 5cm. He had his 1st cat scan after 2 cycles and it has showed a shrinkage of 25%. He has not had a lot of side effects from the drug and will continue for 2 more cycles and then hopefully they will be small enough to do surgery. I wanted to share this so if anyone will be taking sutent it has had good results for us.

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Dear Robinlouise, My best wishes to you and your husband. Hope the surgery goes very well for him. I'm not aware of this drug. Good luck Anniec

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If anyone needs a full 28 day prescibtion of sutent that has not been opened please reply to sdloach@aol.com with the message "Sutent". I refuse to throw away such an expensive drug. My insurance company paid $7,000.00 for this. I would love to donate it to anyway who may need these pills. God Bless all of you......

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Just updating, I found someone that needs this drug and have donated it ! God Bless all of you !

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