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Study: antioxidants and radiation

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Hello Semi Colons!

Here's a link to a study about antioxidants helping radiation/chemo to kill cancer cells. There's often confusion about this so I thought I would pass this on.


peace, emily who is 6 years 8 months (and counting) NED~ yippee! :-)

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Great article, Emily! While I was undergoing Folfox for stage 3C colon cancer, I took mega doses of antioxidants, drank gallons of green tea, and drank a mushroom drink from Korea. This was all approved by my oncologist. It is my opinion that these extra "helpers" protected me from neuropathy. I took 135mg. of oxaliplatin for 12 cycles and have been blessed with no lasting side effects. My oncologist was always ahead of the curve in his thinking.



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Interesting, I did folfox for 8 cycles, or I should say, that was the starting point. I was stage 3A, I had to stop the oxalyplatin at 5 cycles but was able to continue the 5FU, but if I have do do it again (gosh I hope not) I will look into the antioxidents. Thanks.

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hi Kay!

A mushroom drink? uh huh. Were you listening to Grateful Dead at the time......tee hee.

Kudos to your wonderful oncologist, but you're the one who did the work! You Go Girl!

nice to hear from ya!

peace, emily who may have done the Grateful Dead tea herself but I'm not saying..... ;-)

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