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lung mets to skin?

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Has anyone out there had their lung cancer metastisize to their skin. About six months ago while my dad was on chemo he developed a rash on his side. They thought it was a chemo rash. He was getting very sick on the chemo, so decided to stop for a while. The rash seemed to grow, so he went to a skin doctor recently who told him it looked like shingles. Two weeks later when the shingles hadn't improved the doctor order a biopsy of the skin. It just came back that his primary cancer (lung) had internally spread to his skin. The skin doctor didn't have much to tell us because this is not considered a typical skin cancer. He suggested we go back to the oncologist. My mom is in the process of doing that. We have also ordered a PET scan. We are beside ourselves because everything we have read about this metastases is not good or hopeful. Anyone with knowledge, please respond.

Thank you

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I have not heard of that but am just writing to wish you luck. I know how hard all of this is.Keep us posted..Debbie

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Hope your Dad is doing well My prayers are with him..
Funny thing chemo does I had a lung removed in 2006, They did Chemo for a preventive thing.
I have had a lot of skin cancer removed but like your dad I got a bad rash.an I went in for a biop it came back squamis cell so they did in an out surgery . I ask the dermatoligist I thought chemo killed cancer cells??? It does not kill all cells an your imune system breaks down an makes the skin cancer worse.
Did they give the skin cancer a name ? The rash I had went away but it's been almost two years. I don't know if I helped but Maybe when his blood recovers from the chemo it will be beter. Pray for a good Pet scan blessyou an your Dad.

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Cancers that spread outside of the original area retain a lot of the characteristics of the primary spot where they originated. When the pathologist looks at the cells from your dad's skin, it really looks like the lung cancer it originated from. More than that, the drugs that would work on lung cancer are the only ones that will work on this spread. Because it is not skin cancer, those drugs won't work on it even though it is showing up on the skin. That's why you have to go back to the oncologist. It the lung cancer has moved to the skin, then the patient is in stage IV lung cancer. That may be serious, but cancer that is stage 4 is still treatable. Many patients tell their stories at this site and talk about how they are coping with stage 4 cancers. Their stories give me a lot of hope. Most stress the need to be assertive and get to the best oncologist you can and follow his or her advice as well as you can. I wish you the best!

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Today, March 14th, my dad went to his oncologist. Your assessment is correct. His cancer is in a lot of places at this point. The skin cancer is being classified as lung cancer to the skin. My dad's cancer seems to always be in the lymph nodes. He has several different sites of activity. The oncologist, given my dad's past history with chemo and his inability to tolerate too much aggressiveness, is going to give him Nabelvine three weeks on and one week off. He hopes to kill off the cancer as best he can and keep him on a controlled basis - meaning he probably won't be cured, but he'll try not to let it get out of control. My dad is 77 - that is young today, but he is not as strong as we would like, so this method is going to have to be the way we approach things. This doctor gave him two year of life when he was first diagnosed with a malignant pleural effusion and the surgeon only gave him 3 months. We are putting our trust in his expertise - I hope he does well by my dad again. If you have any information regarding Nabelvine I would be interested.

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My husband is in stage 4 lung cancer, he had a lump form on his arm, they have done two biposies the first one, they said the margines weren't clear, the second one we get back Monday, I'll write again if I know anything. But his thoughts are very disconnected right now, he forgets things and often doesn't make any sense when he speaks. We see the Oncologist on Tues. because I'm afraid of Mets to the Brain. God Bless, IAMGONE

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