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Daughter has large lymph node

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My daughter has a large lymph node in her groin area that is hard and does not move. She is 21. She has been feeling very tired, so tired that she can not go to school or work. She started out with a kidney infection, then the flu. Now she is seeing an internist that wants to remove the lymph node. We are really scared about this. Has anybody had similar symptoms with this and how did this turn out. Please repsond. Thank you, char

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Hi Char my name is Jacinda and I am 29 years old. Last October I notices that I had large groin nodes on both sides at first I thought it was scar tissue from my 2 C sections but then I started to lose weight and they blew up really big, the size of sweet potatoes my doc said. In November I finally went to the Gyn for my annual and asked him to feel them. The look on his face made me cry. He called them impressive.. He sent me to a surgeon and the surgeon removed one and biopsied it. On Dec 4 2007 I got a phone call at work from the surgeon who told me that I had Non hodgkins lymphoma and must immediately see an oncologist. I am not telling you this to scare you. I only want to make sure that your daughter does whatever she has to and everything will be ok. It actually could be a numerous amount of things but it's better to be safe then sorry. Please keep me updated Good luck and God bless.
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ttys Jacinda

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Thank you all for your responces....My daughter is having surgery this Thursday to remove the lymph node. Doctor does not know what to expect. We are so worried. They only thing that is a good thing to the doctor is that it hurts her really bad. Bad enough to be on pain medicine. Cancer does not hurt like that she said. So please pray that it is not. Thank you all. I will keep you all informed when I know.

Very Worried,

p.s. I am so glad that you all are doing great.

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The question I would have is if there is other lymph nodes showing signs of enlargement? Other symptoms such as night sweats? Let them get the node out and test it. So far it sounds isolated which could be nothing more than the one-time surgery.

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Hi Char my name is Bud. December 2006 I found a lump on my right groin. Being very active I thought I had pulled something yet had no pain. I went to my primary care dr who had Non Hodkins 15 years earlier, he told me that it was a "mass" and would need to be biopsied. Two days after Christmas I was told it was NH lymphoma. I also was told that my left kidney was not functioning properly because one swollen lymphnode was cutting off the urine and had to also have stinth placed into the kidney. I was in chemo 3 weeks later and after 3 sessions of chemo was told I was cancer free. I have been tested every 4 mounts for the past year and last Thursday was told that I was still cancer free. Today I feel healthy for the first time in a long time. Ask lots of questions and write everything down so that you can review it when your head is clearer. God Bless and good luck. Keep us posted.

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My daughter just came out of surgery and it was an abscess on her lymph node. They removed 3 lymph nodes and the abscess. Doctor said that she thought that it was not cancerous but will know for sure in 2 or 3 days. She said that she probably did not get the right medicine for a kidney infection, then she got the flu so her immune system has been through it all.


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