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surgery next week

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Well that time I've been dreading so much is almost here. My surgery is scheduled for march 4th. My sister and brotherinlaw will be arriving Sunday am. My eldest son is going to wait til i get out of hospital to come up from Al. I didnt try to get my other son, a Marine stationed in Iraq, home, figured it was a waste of time. I cannot tell you guys how nervous I am right now. It just seems like yesterday that they were removing my kidney and now here I am having this done,but actually it was back in July. I will have a permanent colostomy, which I am also worried about. Anyway, please wish me luck, I am so worried about it. Have you all ever heard of someone with 2 different cancers beating it and being healthy? Am I just being ridiculous?

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I will be thinking about and praying for you.Ridiculous????? Of course not. Please remember that anything is possible. Know that your family here as well as family at home are pulling for you and wishing nothing but the best for you.Blessings,haar

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I am also saying a prayer for you......... AMEN

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Hi Deb,
Yes I have heard of someone beating 2 different cancers, our own KathiM, she will probably chime in on this one. I am soo grateful that we live in the technological world because there is so much out there for us with the ca dx. I know that it is hard and I would be worried too but if you believe in a higher power put your trust in him. I too was prepared for a colostomy so I seeked out people that I knew had one and they were kind enough to answer questions that calmed my fears. I didnt have to have one and I am grateful but from what I learned and what I have read you can adjust and carry on with normal living. Prayers to you.

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Best of luck with your surgery. I'm sure all will be fine. Keep us posted!


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Rembember that having a great attitude will heal you quicker. You will get used to the colostomy fast it took me about 2 weeks to realize that it wasn't such a big deal.

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Yup. Been there/done that...you saw my post..lol! I lost my rectum and sig colon...but they were able to make a new rectum out of my descending colon...all internal...it works great! Just treat your body like a cherished friend...work with the healing, don't get frustrated!

Also, my 85 year old mom is a double surviver, too...endometrial and breast...

She's alive and kickin'! Just broke her hip last September, and she is the star patient at the ortho who mended it...he said he's never seen anyone heal so well in her age group!

I am sending up good vibes...this, too, will pass! Just keep laughter in your life, and a can-do spirit...that's what I do...

Hugs, Kathi

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Deb: I also know a three cancer survivor. I will be thinking and praying for you. I have an iliestomy, and frankly, it is amazing what you can get used to. It is not something that I even think about anymore. It's just another part of me, as your colostomy will just be another part of you. Monica

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Hi Deb. The best of luck with your surgery. Stay positive! I had colon and endometrial cancer within the same year and I'm still here to annoy my husband:) I will be praying for you!

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Hi Deb,you will be in my thoughts and prayers.Good luck and think positive.God Bless Judy

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Deb, know that my thoughts & prayers are with you....keep the faith, stay in the fight & never give up. My 77 y/o mom is a 4x survivor and today she is NED! Although we just had a recent scare (thought mets to liver), but turned out to be a scar/bruise and she's doing well.

Wishing you well and healthy,


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Deb, goood vibes annd many prayers for you. Do not ever loose faith. beating cancer is always possible. You can do it.
be strong and be well.

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I know you are scared and nervous. We all were. You will get through this because you are a strong woman. I was dianosed Stage III rectal cancer in Sept 06 at age 32. I have a permanent colostomy. It takes some getting used to, but it is no big deal. Make up your mind right now that you refuse to let you life be dictated by sh*t!!! You are just going to have a septic tank instead of a sewer. If you can meet with an ET nurse before surgery. The best thing I did was have her put a bag on me and send me out into the world to live with for a day. I quickly realized it was not noticeable at all under my clothes and no one knew it was there. My colostomy does not prevent me from doing anything that I previously did, except maybe make mad dashes to bathrooms at a moments notice (don't miss that part at all). I have lots of tips and would be happy to answer any questions pertaining to colostomy if you would like to email me.

I will keep you in my prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery.


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Of course you are not being ridiculous. But yes, I have heard of many who have had two different cancers and made it through and are now healthy!

You are in my prayers and I am sending positive thoughts your way. Try to leave your worries behind and take only one day at a time. You can do this one step at a time.

Keep the faith!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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If you weren't nervous, you wouldn't be normal. I'm glad you let us know about it so that we could pray for you. When I had my surgery, I prayed every day for courage to just keep going, putting one foot in front of the other. No one understands that better than those of us at CSN. We will be here for you. Be sure to let us hear from you when you get home from surgery.
Jo Ann

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I'm having surgery on March 4th too! But mine is a liver resection. I already had my colon resection, I didn't have to get a colostomy. I am very nervous too, I understand how you feel. I am so happy that my liver is now operable but am dreading the actual surgery. Glad your family will be with you, that helps a lot. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Good Luck!

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It is normal to be nervous. You will get through this. I have a colostomy after my 3rd surgery. Life is OK. I am alive and that is the most important. After figuring out what system works for me, it is now just part of my everyday routine. I have my life back.


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