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lymph node

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Saw the surgeon today was told have to have explorarory operation to see if the lymph nodes in the chest wall are clear. If not clear will have discussion on wht to do next. Thoracic consultant told me cancer had not spread, and was localised in the lung only. Don't know what i feel or who to believe now. Any advice please

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Hope you are feeling better.
You sound just about like me I had a pet scan an it showed my lymphs where a little lit up an the cancer was confined to my left lung.
They did a biopsy when they did the scope, an it was non small cell . My surgeon told me when he went in he would do a biop then, an if the lymphs were malignate he would remove the lung complete they were an he removed my left lung an infected lymps.
They are doging a lot of chemo to shrink toumors. My surgeon said just get rid of it then there is no cancer . So far it has worked. I did chemo after the surgery. I wish I would not have done the chemo but that is me it has a lot of side affects . But Chemo affects every one differant. So can not tell ya what to do there.
No matter what it is a fight but you can win .

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Hi, first ,have they told you which cancer you have: small cell lung cancer or non-small lung cancer? They are both treated differently. Small Cell is mostly inoperable ,whereas non-small cell is. I have small cell lung cancer and they went thru my rib cage for a biopsy, and I have come to find that they should have done it thru my throat with a needle biopsy because it is less invasive.You can find a lot of good information at : www.cancerpage.com . I won't upset you or try to explain too much as I do know that you are in a numb mist right now. I will encourage you to stay positive and not to listen to the stupid statistics that you are sure to see on lung cancers. I am going on my 7th year out and I was told I had a 5% chance of survival, sooo much for statistics. I am inoperable, the tumor is in , on my left lung, lymph nodes, wrapped around aorta artery but is now dormant and non-active, so keep a positive outlook. I am here as many are also here for you and offer any help that we can to you. I will keep you in my prayers and offer any help that I can. Mike

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I was able to have a VATS procedure when I had to have a biopsy. It was too deep in my chest for going down my throat and too far in to do a needle biopsy. A VATS procedure is much easier to recover from than a larger incision. However, if all they have to do is harvest a lymph node, the operation might be even smaller than what I had that removed a section of the lung as well as a few lymph nodes. You are allowed to get all your reports after the doctors write them. That will help you figure out what you have and what to do next. The medical jargon is difficult, esp. at first. But take it one day at a time and you will figure out what is right for you. It is always best to find out the worst so you know how hard (and what) to fight. My prayers are with you!

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many thanks to you all for replying. I've now had the procedure done and will get the results on Monday or Tuesday of next week. The correct procedure name is Mediastinoscopy sorry but I like to know exactly what they are doing lol. It's non small cell cancer

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