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Results of new study on treatment options

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The following is a link to the results of a new study that compares all the treatment options for PC


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Thanks, this adds to my confusion and the lack of any good answer to is my cancer gone. I had brachytherapy, external-beam radiation therapy and hormone therapy almost 2 years ago. My PSA continues to flucuate up and down. I have many friends going through it now and all are choosing radical prostatectomy, the side affects seem to be worse then mine, but wonder if overall success would have been better with that treatment.

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Thanks for pointing out this article. I read it and many of the following blog contributions. I noted that most of the men were very passionate about the success or disappointment of "their" treatment.

What seems to be missing from the discussion is that prostate cancer is so patient specific. There cannot be one path that is "best " for everyone. I wonder if anyone has seen studies which correlate staging with the outcomes of different treatment protocols? The Sloan Kettering "calculator" on their website, must be based on some statistical database.

For me, Robotic prostatectomy was the right choice. Post-op was painless and minimal. The Cancer was contained in the prostate (the radiologist was concerned that it had spread and recommenced intensive beam radiation followed by seeds). With my enlarged prostate removed, my urinary function is stronger and easier. Incontinence I found was a matter of training the kegel muscles which now perform with out my concentrating (thanks to some good advice from the guys on this Discussion) ED... well sometimes...but I am told that function often takes time to come back. Still, compared to having aggressive cancer present, I will take it.

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Unfornately, I cannot download the website. I will say, I had surgery and was glad I did. I wore one pad right after my cat. was taken out and never had any serious incontinent issues. I had sex with my wife the following morning I had my cat. taken out. I was considering seeds, but had a serious issue with the possiblity of a "PSA bounce" and did not like the fact that I would not have a second course of action. I did my research like most men diagnosed and felt I made the right decision for me. I believe men do not select surgery because of fear..I feel many men think seeds seem to be an easier way out. There is allot more to considered (health, age etc). It may not be right for some men. Overall, I still think it is important to have the right doctor as it is to have the right procedure.

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I had the radical surgery in Jan 2004.
I am so happy that is the way i went.At the time i was worried about which way to go.But my doctors advice was good.He said that my prostate cancer was contained and he felt radical was the way to go.I have not tested above .02 since And i did not have chemo or radiation.I go for checkup every 6 months now and all is well.I hope everyone catches there prostate cancer early and my urine problems is minor. Only when i drink to much liguid do i have to be careful.
Thanks one and all for all great tips. Most of all i thank LORD JESUS MY GOD. GOD BLESS AMERICA STEVE

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