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2 Different opinons on CT scans

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I am so confused. My last 2 ct scans are being read completely different by 2 different places. My local radiologist says I have one liver tumor. When we sent the scans to Mayo, they say there are multiple lesions on my liver. We know there were multiple tumors in the beginning. Anyone have this happen?

I am stageIV, have had NO surgery, and am trying to get to the point of surgery. Mayo says no way, my local onc. says he thinks I am at the window of opportunity for surgery since he belives I only have one tumor on my liver.
For those who have become resectable, did the tumors disapear? Mayo says they believe many of the lesions are scar tissue. I have completed 8 rounds of avastin, fu5, oxylaplatinum and levocorin. How do you get to a resectable stage?

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My scans showed one tumor; therefore, had a liver resection. Initially the surgeon was going to take just the tumor but when he was in there, ended up taking 60% of my liver because of other tumors that didn't show up on the scans. Maybe you should get a 3rd opinion and another set of scans? Best of luck.


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"Mayo says they believe many of the lesions are scar tissue."

The only way to know for sure I think is during surgery to remove the large tumor that is showing up. Usually they ultrasound the liver while you are opened up so they can tell if they need to remove any other tumors. Who did you talk to at Mayo? I would suggest you speak to a surgical oncologist there about it. Preferably who deals exclusively with liver tumors.
Otherwise, follow your gut instinct. If one of the docs says he thinks you should go for the surgery, personally, that is what I would do.

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It sure is confusing to get different opinions. Get a consult with a liver surgeon and see what he/she thinks regarding your scans - make sure they also have your medical history. I'm with Susan - if some competent docs think surgery is an option, go for it - it is still the textbook cure for Stage IV CRC.

Take care,

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Please if you care to, read my previous posts. Very similar to my hubby's story. FIrst told 3 mets, then 5 or 6 , then 3 , then resection etc. When they did the resection they found 2 and nothing more. Small ones still show on ct, but PET says no uptake and when the surgeon did the resection he ultrasounded and could find nothing else. My personal opinion ( and everyone has to make their own decision on this) is if surgery is an option, I'd go for it! Good luck and God Bless

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ps , after resection we were told by radiologist that the cancer progressed, After a month of persistance and further tests etc.. my husband was told NED. Go Figure! I don't know how they can misinterpret cts but believe me...they do at times!

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