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Small Perforation in the colon

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my mom got rushed to the hospital with severe pain yesterday, they did a gastro and xrays and found a small leakage but cannot located it exactly in the colon, so stool is leaking into the rest of my moms body? what does this mean? She is vomitting and has runny stool.

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Well I just got done talking to the doctor and they said if they do surgery she prob would not survive it and if she dont have surgery she will not survive either........my heart hurts so bad........

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Oh Wanda I am sorry to hear the news. I do not know your mom's situation but that is very difficult to hear. My colon wall is in jepordy and we have discussed if it perferates, we will go in and do a stoma and I would just have a permenant bag, is that not an option for your Mom?

I wish you and your Mom peace.

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My heart hurts for you, too. There is always hope Wanda, so don't give up. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your mother.
God bless-

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Yes that is an option, but they said her chance of survival is 30% or less and where she just had the chemo 5 days before hand they said her immune system is down and that puts her at risk, so she dont know what to do... she is in a lot of pain... what should we do???

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You have to stop the poison from getting inside. Keep the faith she maybe stronger then you think.

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I don't know what else you can do except try the surgery. If I were you I would ask for a consultation with the surgeon tomorrow. Maybe they will feel more comfortable than your doctor (the one you talked to on the phone) does. What other choice do you have? 30% chance is better than 0%!
Best of luck!
Susan H.

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