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anemia @ 4 years - NED

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Hi, I haven't posted on here for a while, I've been too busy getting on with my life!

I had a caecal carcinoma removed in 2003 with a right-sided hemicolectomy, followed into 2004 by adjuvant chemotherapy. My blood counts were rising even during the chemo and soon reached normal.

November 2006 I had a routine full blood count (+CEA, which has always been negligible) which showed signs of iron deficiency anemia. I went for a retest a few weeks later and all seemed to be OK.

It's happened again this year - I've just been put on ferrous sulphate and asked to get a retest in three months. This is the NHS so nobody gives me the actual numbers unless I ask - and I haven't had the opportunity yet, so I don't know how low it is.

I last had a colonoscopy in early 2006 and am due one in 2008.

Can anybody suggest anything that might be causing this? My diet is good, well balanced and hasn't changed significantly.

I haven't seen any bleeding, and I feel perfectly normal. I really can't think of anything that could cause this to happen.

I will of course speak to the professionals, but other views appreciated!


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Some people (like me, lol) are 'boarderline' anemic naturally. Way, way, WAY before my fights with the beast, I was. Still am, 2 years NED. My grandfather had pernicious anemia...I'm not sure if that contributes.
I take Iron in a multi-vitamin. When I tried it solo, my body didn't absorb it well at all, practically the only thing it did was give me KILLER constipation....
Maybe, just maybe you actually are far enough progressed to have something 'normal' that many in the population deal with....wouldn't THAT be lovely???

Please keep us posted...

Hugs, kathi

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