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Four days after Robotic Surgery at 44

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I posted in September; now I'm beyond surgery. Can only sit at computer for a few minutes. Had the RALP on Halloween Day in Bangor, ME. Dr. Rao saved both neurovascular bundles, and expects no margins. I'll get results November 12 when catheter comes out (it truly IS the biggest pain in all of this). Other than gas and constipation the first 2+ days, I feel really well today. Vicodin does work - I'm still taking it but cut the dose in 1/2 yesterday. Walking slowly and will get outside today, but some clotting shows up in bag when I over-exert. I know this will improve in the next few days. Question - my inside right thigh is partly numb -- did surgeon touch a nerve? Also, had a SEVERE shoulder and rib cage muscle spasm after surgery, probably from my arms being strangely placed on table. Anyway, I pray the outcome continues to be positive, and look forward to being catheter and cancer-free. Tasch and Mudock - thanks for your posts.

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jhenry,I didnt have any numbness.You will have to watch because of doing so well as far as pain goes you dont want to over do it,especially after the catheter is out big differnce with it out. DR. called to check to make sure everything is going well and i started the little blue pill to give it a jump start nothing so far. 35 days post op. Good luck on your results Mudock from Pa

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four days? this is an old message, but that is where I am now, (actually 7) No shoulder pain, nor do I have numbness, but the gas is endless. Everything I eat feeds the digester, and the thing is putting out painful gas. Back pain was present before surgery, but lack of exercise is killing me on regularity and back pain maintenance. Anyone have good tips on catheter management. My daughter is an RN and has gotten me off to a good start, but there must be some clues as to how to walk without chaffing? I walked two miles two days ago, and it felt fine, but next day was hell.

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Best to you. I expect to have the da Vinci robot work on me within a month so I'm sure I'll have LOTS to ask you about.

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