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Tribute to Bud

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Lisa Rose
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Tribute to Bud

Andy and I had the pleasure of meeting Bud last year in Austin at CP3. Bud was a very thoughtful and caring person. I'm sure he's with the good Lord above now and is dancing with Sweet Baby Girl Andrea who he always admired for her courage and bravery. Rest in peace Bud.


In Remembrance Of Bud Martin

To watch in full screen click on the bottom right corner of this video please give it time to load.

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Just beautiful, Lisa! This tribute gives a glimpse of Bud to those who didn't have the pleasure of meeting him in person. He was always smiling.

Bud, you will be missed, but never forgotten.



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Oh, Lisa -- what a wonderful tribute, to a wonderful man. Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing with us -- Bud's friends and beneficiaries.

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This is truly beatiful and you can get a sense of him through these pictures.

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Bud is a good friend of mine and at times was a father to me throughout the last 18 years and so I can't thank you enough for putting together that tribute! He went very peacefully and had his wonderful neice with him and for that I'm very grateful as well.


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Awww, That is really nice Lisa. I will miss Bud very much. I was just reading back through our correspondences. He was always the first one to lend an ear or give helpful advice. Our little family here will really miss him!
-Susan H.

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That is a great tribute! It makes me wish I could have met Bud other than CSN. Thank you.
Jo Ann

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That was awesome Lisa Rose!!!!!!! You were wrong, I only went thru a half of a box of tissues.

All of the Paloozas are special for different reasons but I will always remember Austin for a few wonderful memories. One being the last afternoon/evening at Kay's and then that fun ride with Bud back to our hotel...can you say wildman behind the wheel on the interstate!!!!!

We were all laughing so hard.

I can also hear him say "This site sucks"!!!!!!

Please don't take that personal Jose, you know I don't mean it; it will now be a term of endearment for me as I remember my friend.

Lisa P.

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A wonderful tribute Lisa Rose! Some of us were only fortunate enough to know him through his posts and we appreciate your sharing. God Bless.

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I didn't know Bud except through his posts. He looks like / sounded like a wonderful man (while thinking of course that this site "sucks"!)

I wish I had been privileged to know him in person, but nevertheless I am sorry for the loss of a fine man.


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Very nice tribute!


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What a nice tribute. Thank You. I never knew him, but I wish I had. Somme of you were lucky to have known him. I am sure he is at peace.

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What a nice tribute. Thank You. I never knew him, but I wish I had. Somme of you were lucky to have known him. I am sure he is at peace.

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beautiful...so many emotions...God bless you Bud....

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Thanks so much Lisa. You have a special gift in putting pictures and music together to tell beautiful stories.
As a newcomer to this community I didn't know Bud. I appreciated the few posts he shared earlier this summer. I'm sorry to hear of his passing.
Peace and blessings...

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I just read the news about Bud. He was such a breath of fresh air and I am going to miss him so much. God bless you, Bud.


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Hi Lisa and All,
Didnt know Bud but the video was an inspiration and I could tell he had a lot of heart. Thanks for the link.


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Thanks Lisa:
Mary Kay let me know about Bud's passing..I am so sorry...I really thought he was going to beat this with his spirit..and I too smile thinking of all the posts about "this site sucks" for all the tech glitches he had...I know he has been "lifted up on Eagles Wings"...

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Bud was always one of the first responses when I had, well, difficult news to share. He was a mainstay here, and I will miss him.

Thank you, Lisa, for the wonderful clip!

Hugs, Kathi

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