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Testicular AND Prostate Cancer???

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Hello: I'm new here. I wonder if anyone else has heard of this: my daughter's father had testicular cancer (was also in all in lymph nodes) 13 yrs ago; operated & chemo/etc, cancer free all these yrs, til now. He was just diagnosed with Prostate cancer. He told my dtr something about having "12 biopsies", or something like that, and that normally some are cancer free, but all 12 are cancerous. Has anyone heard of this? One type, then the other? Is it most likely metastesized? (He has an appt next week with urologist, so of course more will be learned then; I just wondered if this is unusual, to have one of these, then the other yrs later.) Thanks for any replies. Peddie

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The case of two cancers are not uncommon. A good friend of mine had colon cancer..went through surgery/radiation that was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Showing cancer is all 12 biopsies is a real concern. Normally, you find 6 or 7 showing cancer. If the biopsies were done correctly (all areas of the prostate), he needs to get something done very soon. The chances that it is outside the prostate and spread, seems very likely.
Keep us posted on his follow up results.

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Thanks for your reply. It's about what I had thought: it doesnt sound good. I will keep you posted. Thx.

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