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Broke my first board!

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Hi all. Had "belt" testing for Taekwondo last Saturday and passed so I am now a Blue Belt. Only four away from Black, but they get harder each time! I broke my first board which is a 3/4" piece of pine and did it with a knife hand strike. I was so excited! Meanwhile, I wondered what the heck am I doing at 63 and a cancer patient. Nuts! My onc just shakes his head. Doing this has so helped me stay focused on something other then the cancer and feel strong at the same time.

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I'll be 63 this week and I think you are awesome!
Jo Ann

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That's great. That is what living is all about.


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You're da bomb! Keep it up!

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apache -

You ROCK! That's awesome... and is it just happenstance that your "Break a Board" post should immediately follow nudgie's "How to Deal With Stress" post?

Keep rockin'!

- SpongBob

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so did I....in someones head many years ago.... JUST KIDDING !!!! Good for you...my bones feel like an 80 year old lady....I would not even try to brake a stick.... You go boy !

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Hi Linda - that is really awesome!

(I'll refrain - sort of - from telling you about the 40-something who worked for me who got his belt, but also smashed his foot and now has to have surgery because of potentially permanent nerve damage! But no matter, he's happy and you should be too!)

Maybe this is what I should try - I need to focus on something else, as you say.

Take care,

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My 37 yr. old son is Black Belt Recommended right now and broke his middle toe bone in half during sparring. Fortunately, with the portacath (sp?) in me I can't spar :) Thanks for the nice words.

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Thanks everyone for your nice thoughts. My instructor is like a drill sergeant when he goes through excercises with us. Three times a week does me good! We do repeated double kicks and punches and the usual crunches, push-ups, etc. This is American Taekwondo Association...they have a website (ata.com) to find a school near you:)

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How very cool! Congratulations and certainly something to be proud of. God Bless


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