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Return from my journey to Zion

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As much as I enjoyed Zion, I have found Mayo to be that much more. Mayo is an impressive facility. State of the art, comforting and most of all....human.

At the end of the day, when you list all of the pros and cons, Cancer Treatment Centers of America did not offer more than Mayo has to offer. I was expecting a more natural approach from CTCA. I thought they would be pumping me with vitamin packs, monitoring a special diet and offering complementary therapies as part of their treatment plan. That is not their approach. They fill you with toxic drugs....just like the other guys.

CTCA educates you on mind, body and spirit. Mayo has a beautiful setting that offers the same resources. The environment at Mayo was just more soothing and professional.

This was my final comparison and how I arrived at my decision to go to Mayo for treatment; If you were to have surgery, would you want a surgeon that has performed your specific procedures 1,000 times or 100 times?

Dr. Grothey at Mayo has recommended weekly infusions of paclitaxel (taxol) and carboplatin for my specific cancer. 5-FU and Folfox 6 has not been working for me. Let's hope this new regiment kicks it and good.

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thank you for the update and comparision. i turned down a chance to go to CTCA and went with an fine local center that works directly with Mayo. thank you for easing my mind-- i am glad i stayed local.

i also hope your new treatmaent works for you. i will keep you in my prayers

lisa r

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Good luck to you and keep us posted. God Bless and thanks for the info. Diane

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Hi - Glad you were able to make a comparison and a decision. It's important to feel good about your treatment center and it sounds like you found a good one (Mayo is one of the best). Good luck with the new treatment.


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Congrats on getting on the bull and riding. Taking an active roll in your cancer journey is always such a positive. I am 1.5 hrs from mayo. it is a really great place. top shelf.
Here to this new treatment knocking the socks off those chemo cells.

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My husband has been going to the Mayo in Rochester since diagnosed in Sept 06. We have been very happy with every aspect of the facility. We have never regretted the 3 hour trip each way. We very much agree with you in that we would rather have a surgeon that has performed a specific procedure 1000 times rather than 100. It can make a big difference and I know it did for us. Good luck with your decision!


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