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RFA surgery = sucess!!

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Dear friends,

I just wanted to give you an update about my surgery last thursday. Everything went well. My surgeon said he "cooked it well" (referring to the tumor)!! They sent me home on Saturday. It was an open surgery bcse of the location of the tumor and they sent me home with a drain that I have until Friday.

It was a bit painful for a couple of days after but now I just take Vicodin and I feel fine. Call me crazy but I'm ready to go back to work on Monday, I will also stop by the Gilda's club on Thursday to say hi to my semi colon buddies.

Life goes on !!

Take care,

Christele (Am I NED now??)

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TERRIFIC NEWS! Don't rush the work thing, be sure your up to it. Thanks for keeping us posted..and it sure sounds like NED to me!!!!! HAPPY NAKED DANCING . God Bless Diane

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Sounds great. If that is the only place you had been shown to have a tumor then indeed you are NED. Congratulations. Celebrate but ease into work. There are often some effects, mainly from the anesthesia, which hang on and cause some extra fatigue.


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MUST I call you crazy???? I am self-employed, so was working as much as I could, even 1.5 weeks after discharge from my 'big' bowel resection surgery...

Please be kind to yourself, tho. If you get tired, rest...you are very special!

Hugs, kathi

NED....No Evidence of Disease...sounds good to me!!!

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Congratulations on such great news and start enjoying your "NEDNESS".

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Tanned naked dance !!!!

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Hi Christele,
That's great news! Don't rush back to work even if you feel good. Enjoy your time off and get some extra rest!

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Thank you all for your messages. This tumor was indeed all that was left after colon/liver resection in May 07.

NED was such a foreign word to me, but I guess it became reality and I love it!!

I will take it easy going back to work. Last time, I felt that it was very therapeutic for me to get back into a routine (you know shower, get dressed, put some make up on). So I will do the same, but I also have my pillow and I will most likely take a nap when I need it.


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Great news!!!

I think you are now considered NED!!!

God bless,


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Ahoy, Nedwina -

What AWESOME news!!! Congrats! This is justthe kind of news that keeps other people going - thanks so much for sharing.


- SB

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HOORAY!!! I am so glad to hear that everything went well. I have been praying for you.


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