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How sick does one get on radiation? My dad is 80 and is really sick with a bowel blockage; diagnosed as cancerous. He lost so much weight!
Anyhow, I am bracing myself for this but I do need to know how bad. My elderly mother has diabetis and cannot be by herself. I may need to go help,
Thank you,

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My radiation was to my breast....The worst thing was that I felt VERY tired....besides that everything else was great..
God bless

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I had 5.5 weeks of chemoradiation. It wasn't too bad. But, I was 44. The chemo was relatively mild. The main side effect of the radiation was fatigue. For me, this didn't kick in until about 2 weeks after the radiation started -- but then lasted about 2 weeks after it ended. I also ended up with very sore skin around the radiation site (in my case, very low) and very painful passing stool -- but that may have just been me. Good luck to you all.

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Have you checked into Home Health in your area and meals on wheels. Both are great organizations. I think that they only come if the person can't drive, but I'm not sure.
Jo Ann

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My dad is very stubborn and wont let anyone come to the house. I think he's going to have to be too sick to realize he needs help.

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I had 28 rounds of continuous radiation + 5FU pump (5 days per week, with week-end off). At round 20 I was in "tough shape" constant diarrhea and a burn on my butt. Radiologist toook me of for 2 weeks to give me a break. I finished the treatment but I would be lying if I told you it was easy. Radiation builts up over each treatment and it makes you very tired. I'm afraid that your Dad will have to get some help at home especially near the end of the treatment.

I was stage III rectal 2 nodes...NED since October 2006.

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Dad is starting to have problems. Loose bowel movements or constipated. Is there any other helpful thing he can do to get through this? Eating is a problem. I understand he is on a special diet. Anyone got some suggestions? He also has a cyst on his pancreas, which doesn't help matters at all!

Thank you,

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