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Back after break - and happy

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Dear Ones,

A brief bio for those not overly familiar with me: diagnosed 2003 with Stage 3 rectal cancer. Recurrence (lung met) in 2005 and in 2007.

In June, I finished 6 months of chemo (FOLFOX plus Avastin). A thousand thanks, from the bottom of my heart (I'm teary as I write this!) to all of you who helped me get through THAT.

Then I jumped on an airplane! I spent two weeks taking my gorgeous 16 year old son across the States, looking at colleges. Then, spent two weeks in Hawaii with my extended family, celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. BOY DID I NEED THAT!!! (And Hawaii -- so beautiful.....).

I got back home a week ago. Just had an MRI -- all clear!! Yea!!

I haven't had a chance to read all the messages I missed over the last month or so. You have all been on my minds and in my heart. My family.


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Hummm...did I pass you in an airport somewhere???

Welcome back, glad to hear everything is great....because of your experience, I take a good long look at times when I cough....thanks for keeping me vigilant! (Stage 3 rectal....2004).

Hugs, Kathi

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Welcome back and terrific news on the MRI. God Bless

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That's great news! What a great summer of traveling you had! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news!


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Great great news Tara!! Congratulations!!!


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So happy for your results...
Hawaii is beautiful, isn't it. Another world.

Caring thoughts are with you

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Glad to have you back and great news on the MRI. Our two middle boys just left last week to go back to school. YIKES!! I feel trouble brewing. No, just kidding they are great kids.
God bless-

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Hi Tara,
I'm so glad that you had such wonderful trips this summer and that everything is going well! Breaks are so important and they're just plain fun.
Take care,

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Hi Tara,

I am so happy for you! You are a fighter and a true survivor, savoring life.


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Welcome back, Tara! Glad to hear all is well...

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Hi Tara,I feel so happy for your wonderful news. God bless you

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HEY TARA!!!!!!

Thanks so much for checking in. I was wondering about you a while ago as the hurricane threatened Hawaii. How fun to help your 16 year old look at colleges. I promise if you pick one near me in North Carolina I will make sure he gets a decent heathly meal every once in a while!!!!

I am also very happy to hear about your recent test results. Keep up the great work my friend!

Lisa P.

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Hawaii? 2 weeks? Awesome! We are going in November for our first family trip since Carl's dx. SO Looking forward to it! Was it wonderful?
Congrats on the clear MRI!
Heather and Carl

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Congrats on the all clear. Exciting to look at colleges. Been there and thankfully thru that with my daughter who has already been out of school for 4 years now! It was a great experience for her and me as well... Time flies, enjoy it! God Bless,Diane

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Congratulations on the good news on your MRI. I think the first step in beating this diease is to win. Winning can come wether we survive or not. It is all in how you place your state of mind and what you do with your time.

I can not think of a more rewarding thing to do than to spend time with your children. My daughter is 20 and planning on going to music school in TN next year. I can't wait to do a road trip wit her. Glad you enjoyed your summer. oh and btw, congrats on winning.

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what a great way to spend your vacation.

Congrats on the results from the MRI.

It sounds like you had a great celebration


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Lisa Rose
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Tara I am very happy to hear life is treating you well.

Take Care,

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