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a great day and an introduction

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hello everyone. I have been lurking on this board for some time now and felt like today would be a good time to introduce myself. First off let me just say how much i appreciate all the information and support ya'll offer. In the past few months I have come to this board almost daily.Was dx stage 2b cc Oct.06 after a year of unexplained anemia and just plain not feeling well.When I turned 50 (the magic number)my PC doc suggested a colonoscopy and everything happened sort of fast after that. Resection and 6 months of FOLFOX 4....finished memorial day weekend! Anyway today is a wonderful day and after two years of not being able to ride my horse at all we begin cub hunting tomorrow and I get to go!!!Can you tell I'm a teensy bit excited and happy. There was more than once I didn't think this would happen. My fourteen year old daughter is coming out with me too. Although life is different now from a year ago it is still totaly awesome and man am I happy to be here!

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Welcome -

It is great to hear that your are done with chemo and ready to resume your life. My 25 year old daughter is a horsewoman, so I relate to how happy you are to be back in the saddle.

Hard to find anything good in this, but it is great that you are Stage 2.

Take care and keep coming back,

Betsy (Stage IV survivor)

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Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you introduced yourself. As you know, there are so many wonderful people on this board and they are great support in good times and in bad. That is great that you will be able to ride your horse again. Enjoy it!!!

God bless,


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Congrats !!!!!!!
God bless

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Hey, I didn't know you could have a period in your screen name...WOW!!!

Welcome to the semi-colons! I used to be a horsewoman, seems like 3 life times ago!

BTW, Happy half-a-century birthday! I'm in that age range, too! (Liar, Kathi...you just turned 52 in July...oh well, who's counting...lol).

You deserve my special dance...



Hugs, Kathi

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Welcome! Thanks for posting. This is a good site to get information and now that you've been through everything I am sure you can give some words of wisdom and encouragement to all of those people just starting this journey. Of course, you will probably probably be spending all of your time on your horse now!!! Have a great time and enjoy!!


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Congratulations to you! I know you are so excited.
(I'm a teensy bit envious, too! Only 4 more to go for me)!

Enjoy life.

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Hi Everybody
Hey thanks for the warm welcome and all the kind words.I hope to be able to contibute a little something and maybe offer a bit of comfort to someone else.I still feel a little like an imposter calling myself a cancer survivor...(a cancer treatment survivor maybe) but I'll get back to you in 30 years!
Anyway my first foxhunt in two years was a BLAST today.Think the heat index was around 105 and the deerflies and those big black flies about carried us away,the scenting wasn't great,but I loved every second of it.Was great to be out with wonderful friends and enjoy my greatest passion once again.I only wish my stamina would come back more quickly.
Again thanks for all the good wishes.Ya'll made my day!

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Greetings Audrey,

I know what you mean, feeling like an imposter by calling myself a survivor so soon after treatment, but I like think I became a survivor the day I was diagnosed!

Welcome to our group. You joined at an interesting time of an influx of newly active folks and a time when the elders might be taking a break. I guess there is an ebb and flow to everything. Rob, whom you will meet soon, posted The Byrd's, "Turn, Turn, Turn" tune at his blog recently and I guess it's a universal kind of thing....to everything there is a season....

Glad you are well to enjoy LIFE after cancer. It's a beautiful thing.

Looking forward to "seeing" more of you!

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