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rash from eritux

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i was wondering if anyone has had any luck relieving the rash i am getting on my face. my face is tight then oily and i am having a hard time with it.

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My wife has done four treatments and the rash is getting better. After the first one it was real bad. She did try some adult acne cream. Its called Adult Acnomel. That did help some.

Hope this hepls.

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Hello....I am currently receiving Erbitux treatments on a weekly basis. After my initial breakout, my doctor prescribed tetracycline.

Since I have been on the tetracycline there has been a significant decrease in breakout and discomfort.

Good luck with your treatments.

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I know its not helpful but the rash does mean that you respond to the drug and so should the cancer cells. I had 10 months of it and it was horrible. Oral antibiotics helped, staying out of the sun, I used many different creams but the best for me was Elidel. I had minocycline 100mg as an antibiotic. I took many showers and had cold clothes and it still was bad. I am stage 4 and doing Ok right now. You will get through it but it is a miserable side effect.

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thank you for your ideas -- i am going to try some. the nurses said to try head and shoulders shampoo as a face cleaner. i dont know about that -- but i am willing to try anything. i am also stage 4 thanks

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My doctor told me today that he would write a prescription that is similar to an acne prescription that has been successful with the Erbitux rash.

Ask your doc.


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