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Diet Coke??

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Just wondering...
I drank at least 2 diet cokes a day for the last 12+ years...
Now I am stage 4, 46 years old...
I seem to remember there was a safety question about the sweets/chems when it first hit the market.
Anybody else drink a lot of cokes before getting the DX?

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Hi....I used to be a Diet Coke-a holic before I was diagnosed, but I stopped drinking sodas all together. I don't know if there is any connection. I'd be interested to know. Now it's plain water, or Arizona Diet Green Tea for me...


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Yes, I drank a lot of diet cokes and diet pepsis. I think the most significant thing, though, is that I drank diet drinks because I was overweight much of my adult life. I feel the weight problem was the BIG factor (no pun intended, but after I wrote that, it struck me as funny.)

I was stage 2 at age 63.


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Just an added angle for the current discussion........ I RARELY drank pop, (or soda, depending from what region of our country you are from), ate a healthy diet, exercised regularily, quit smoking 12 years ago, and was still diagnosed with Stage III on a routine colonoscopy at age 52.

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I have always drank it (drunk it??) and I still do. I am not gonna sit here and say it is good for you, but I doubt seriously that is why you got CC. I think there are plenty of other preservatives and bad foods out there and the Diet Coke was not acting alone in causing your diagnosis. I have tried to avoid sugar since being diagnosed and have succeeded in cutting way back on it, so I allow myself to have Diet Coke although maybe just a few a week.....it would certainly be better not to drink it, but personally, I think regular sodas would be worse.
BTW, I heard they are going to start making it with Stevia, which is a natural sweetner from a plant that grows in South America.
That would be awesome! Then we could "have our cokes and drink them too" so to speak!

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I didn't drink a lot of diet soda, and I'm like the other were you think all the time of what might have caused your cancer.

I sometimes think the sweetner I used did. I used alot of that stuff. I am now off of that stuff and use a natural sweetner..but for years I ate heathy and exercised.

Who knows why it happens...you always wonder why but can't lose your energy thinking that way all the time.

Hope you are doing well and I wish the best for you.


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I don't think the Diet Coke even enters into the equation unless you have 42 a day or never drink water. I was in great physical condition before cc.
Wish researchers would hurry and give us answers, but I'm afraid that it may be a few years. I still have a diet coke a couple of times a week just to get me dancing a little faster.
Jo Ann

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I personally believe heavy cola consumption is a risk factor for some people. My wife was a heavy diet coke drinker for 20+ years before her diagnosis at age 45. I seem to recall that a study showed a link between cola drinking and esophogeal cancer, so it would not be unreasonable if a link to colon cancer were ultimately found.

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I was a heavy consumer of Diet Cokes from the day it hit the market (I used the caffeine since I have never liked coffee). I have not had one since November 14th, 2004 but will crave one every once in a while. The withdrawal was pretty intense headaches so bad I could not read or watch TV for a few days. That in itself is pretty scary!!!!

I also think there is a link especially combined with some of the other risk factors. I think you will not find aspartame in any product 10 years from now.

Lisa P.

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I never drank much soda and NEVER drank diet soda (YUK). I was dx at 46 yrs old with stage IV colon cancer too

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