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Mets to liver. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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I've heard some docs say that one of most common symptom that we have mets to liver is that you would have a dramatic weight loss suddenly. Who can confirm it?

Thank You for sharing your thoughts =)

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No, not necessarily. I had mets to my liver - no weight loss at all.


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Nope... no weight loss here. None at all.

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I had a walnut sized liver met and I did not feel a thing. I never would have even known it was there. Perhaps if you had some sort of extreme liver involvement then you would have symptoms, but otherwise I think when the mets are small most patients are asymptomatic.

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I was diagnosed stage 4 in Dec.05 with liver mets or more specifically met....I had lost a lot of weight but no one ever attributed it to liver mets...i thought it had to do with the colon part of the cancer....


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Hi, I lost 8 kilograms from symptoms to operation for stage4 with one liver met, and then 7 more while in hospital for my resection and liver wedge resection. I do not know which one caused the weight loss. Virginia.

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Hubby has liver mets.. questionable as to how many now, and they are small. Since dx he's had colon resection and chemo , lost about 10 lbs after the surgery, but weight has been stable since then . God bless and good luck. Diane

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I have so many liver mets that they can't even count them on the scans...I lost about 8 lbs. after surgery last year due mostly to the anemia I had from the bleeding cancer in the cecum area. I've been off chem for about 7 wks. now and need to "watch it" as weight is creeping up.

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Nope, not here. Huge liver met, no weight loss.
A little pain was the first symptom, dont know if it was caused by the liver though..

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No weight loss here due to the mets in the liver. Overall I lost weight but that was due to chemo, etc.


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