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Finished first round of Chemo

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Hi all, I just finished my first round of the chemo round that will do it. Xeloda and Avastin and so far way tired and skin is pretty much acting like it will be a temporary attachment to my anatomy but overall not too bad.. Dr's thought that ******* (sorry) cancer had spread to my back.

I saw a specialist a few weeks ago and he said no - it was a bulging disc and was convinced it was not cancer and he would fix my pain.

Last friday I had a steroid injection in my lower back - those of you who know me know I HATE ALL THESE DRUGS IN ME but..... for the fist time in I don't know how long, I am walking around pain free no pain meds. Dr was convinced that if I had a good result, it proves it is the disc not the cancer. so. It may not be a NED YET!!!, but I did get naked and run around the neighborhood. That felt so good, I did it again.

3-1/2 years from diagnosis and I have only begun to fight. Stay strong all.

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Great news !!!!!!!!! We will stay strong !
God bless you...

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What a relief about the back!! Hang in there on the xeloda and avastin. I've just started round 5 of 6 so am looking forward to being wrapped up by the end of August.
Keep on dancing!!
Rob; in Vancouver, BC (British California)

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That's great news about the back. If the pain comes back they can repeat that shot. Hang in there with that chemo. You will beat it.


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Keep the fight going. I too have pain mostly in the evening I too was given a few shots in the back. Some relief but now my pain is moving to the front. I'm starting to think it's in my head!

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now sue thats an odd place for your head. My prayers to you that the pain subsides. I know it sucks my dear. I am walking with you.

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Hi Mark,
I'm glad to hear that chemo went well and that you have no more back pain!
I will be starting chemo in 3 weeks, Xeloda, Avastin and Oxylaplatin. Please keep me posted as to what side effects you experience. It will help me know what to expect.
Stay strong and positive!

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Hi Jamie, thanks for the kind words. I did the cocktail your going to do, it worked really really well but i struggled with the side effects. i have a few tricks that may help. e-mail me.

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So glad your not suffering with your back pain anymore. Thats terrific! Keep the faith. God Bless

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TERRIFIC NEWS, MARK~~~instead of cancer, the bulging disc just shows you're growing old~~I'll take that diagnosis ANYDAY!!!

I think the Palooza will be a great way to help celebrate your finishing that first round of chemo. How many more will you have before Sept? Will you need more chemo after the palooza?


P.S. I saw on the news some guy running naked through his neighborhood....I had NO idea I actually KNEW who that was! lol

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Every time i do chemo i plan on it bieng my last so I think this one is th echarm. I may end up going chronic on a low dosage if i keep on responding - and i know i will. so.... what the heck. no naked dancing at Palooza i promise - well outside of my room/.

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Great news about the back - nothing like "no pain"! Good luck with the Xeloda and Avastin - without that nasty oxaliplatin, you will hopefully find this to be not so hard. And I just know this will work.

Take care,

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You are AMAZING! Glad to hear about the back pain being taken care of. Good luck with the chemo.
God bless,

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Hi Mark,

Your spirit will see you through this lastest challenge. Can't wait to meet in Nashville! We will all celebrate life!



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