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Quick Survey

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My lovely husband won't get a colonoscopy cause he isn't 50 yet!!! @*#$*&@!!!!

please post your age at diagnosis - cancer stage- and a yes or no to family history.

Forgive me if this is like a previous post. Chemo has truly robbed me of my memory.

Please, everyone, this is something we can all print out and bring to our doctors. We have to get rid of the outdated notion that colorectal cancer is an old mans disease!



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I'll start:
43 - stage 3 rectal - father had colon cancer at 65



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age 48 stage 2a no family history of colorectal ca but family history of other cancers

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47--stage 2, mother passed from brain cancer in 2000--she was 70.

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when did you find out you had stage 2 cancer and are you getting any chemo. I just found out i have stage 2 but I decided not to get chemo I hope I am doing the right thing. Ive been to drs. and they all have different views. gail

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33--stage 4---no family history.

(I just figured I would have to be the one to get cancer because my siblings would have been emotional wrecks who wouldn't be able to handle it...lol)


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Age 37 when diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer due to familial adenometous polyposis, usually an inherited disorder. Ironically I have no family history.

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Stage IIb rectal July 2006, age 46
Stage IV, mets to lung, May 2007 age 47

Family history of cancers on father's side of family. His family of seven children, all but one had cancer and died by the time they were 70.

Mother had colon polyps, removal of portion of colon. No additional treatments required.

My children have been advised to start screening at 25 - 30 years of age, as well as all of my nieces and nephews. My Siblings should have started screening at 40.

Our insurance company's are not following our family genetic history. Don't expect them to advocate early screening.

Hope this helps.


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Lisa Rose
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Age 40 ~ Stage 3c - rectal. March 2002

My aunt ( mother's sister ) colon cancer 2002 age 72

My mother colon cancer 2006 age 74


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Age 37, Stage 2/3, family history.

GET THE #$%^ SCOPE, MERCURIO!!! It can be one of those special life experiences you and Barb can share...

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Hi Barb,
I was diagnosised with stage 3a colon cancer at 45. I am a vegetarian and avid exerciser. My grandfather died of colon cancer, but my parents are both fine.
I understand your concern about your husband. My husband (40 years old) got a colonoscopy as a birhtday present for me. Everything was fine. (He won't need another colonoscopy for 10 years!) It was an enormous relief for me and he said that he gained new found respect for everything that I went through. What a great gift!
Best wishes,

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Diagnosed age 50 with stage 3. Dr. said it has probably been growing for 10 yrs. Bummer! Recommendations for my children to be checked by the time they are 30. No family history of cancer.

GET SCOPED!! (the drugs are to bad)


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Diagnosed the day after I turned 27 - Stage III, had been growing at least 5 years. I have almost NO incidence of any family cancer, let alone colorectal cancer which is why it took me much longer to get diagnosed.

My parents irritate me in the same way. They are self employed and can't afford insurance. My mother hides under the, "we're healthy and would know if we were sick" blanket. I keep trying to tell her that I was "healthy" too and gave the cancer time to spread.

I don't know what to do about them. It makes me so mad and scared. But, what do you do? I can't afford to pay for their scopes and they are adults who can make their own choices.

I hope you get through to your husband better than I do to my parents.


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36 - stage IV colon with liver mets (I had been asking for a colonoscopy but was told i was too young, was scheduled at age 38 or 10 years prior to my mon's death.....)

Currently doing genetic testing

Mother passed away at 48 of colon cancer

PLEASE have him done the colonoscopy, I should have insisted even if I had to pay for it. I regret it now, but it's too late

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Interesting ... I was diagnosed at age 35 with stage IV, after showing symptoms for a couple of months. I was also scheduled to have a colonoscopy at age 38, because that was ten years younger than my mother was when she was diagnosed. She died at age 53 (on my 18th birthday, no less!). I wonder if I'd have made it three more years, if I'd waited to get scoped at age 38. I think probably not, it was already in my liver and left lung.


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We have a very similar situation.

Also if I had waited until 38, I would most likely not be here today

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i forgot...I also had no symptoms at all

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Age 46 Stage IIb
age 45 stage IV metastatic to abdomen
famil history, do not have the familial gene but grandfather had stage IV at age 43.
My dad had pre cancerous polyps, one borther had pre cancerous polyps, another brother had 14" of his colon removed due to diverticulitus(sp) and my last brother does not want to get tested - he is 52
go figure. I would have loved the opportunity to have had a colonscopy early and PREVEVTED this stage IV - Colonscopy-Chemo - um there really is no question as to what to choose.

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Age at diagnosis :33
Stage: rectal cancer stage 3c
Family history: no rectal cancer, grandfather had cc at 70, aunt had uterine at 33

Tell him to get his colonoscopy...the prep wasn't that bad and I lost 3 pounds to boot! And, I love anesthesia...:)

Beginning 24/7 chemo today!!!

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Good survey! I had just turned 49(Stage 3, 5 nodes out of 13)...No symptoms...no family history.

I have been thinking along the same lines as you. There seems to be a whole hell of a lot of us who were 50 or less when diagnosed. Last week I sent away for cancer statistics, asking for the ages of diagnosis for colon cancer patients over the past 15 years. My plan is to become armed with the facts and then approach my US Senator, Diane Feinstein, about introducing legislation which would require insurance companies to pay for colonoscopies at an earlier age. Once I get a sponsor, I hope to start an internet campaign urging people to approach their representatives to sign onto the bill.

Apparently the age for breast cancer screening used to be 50 until there was a push to reduce the age to 40.

What sets the colonscopy apart from other tests, and what makes early testing even more compelling, is that it is not just a test...it can also be a cure. Let's get the word out and save some lives!

Love you all!


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Age 38 at Dx for Stage IIa

No Family history of any cancers

One sister has since had a colonoscopy at 47 and found precancerous polyps. she called to thank me for 'hounding' her to go.

Insurance company tried to deny my claim for the colonoscopy. I complained and they paid. Didn't matter about the cost; I was going anyway because of symptoms.

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My husband was diagnosed at age 44 with stage 4 (mets to liver). At the time did not know of family history, but later found out his grandparents had history of cancers.

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Posting for my dad:
Diagnosed two weeks ago at age 54. He had a colonscopy as recommended at age 50. And now four years later, he's stage iv colon cancer.
We have no family history of cancer that I know of.
So get it done early and often.

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48 - Stage 4, No family history. By the looks of all the posts - practicallye everyone was under 50. Encourage your husband to get a colonoscopy!


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Age 46, Dx 2004, Stage 4 Colon Cancer with liver mets, no family history, no major symptoms (periodic blood in stool)

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49 stage IV, no family history and even with a colon perforation, the docs missed my cancer. 4 months later they found it with mets to liver and left lung.

Lisa P.

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My husband was 57 when diagnosed STage IV Colorectal..his father died of lung cancer.

Please have your husband go for the colonoscopy, if we had only gone earlier maybe it could have just been a polyp .

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32 years old
Stage III Rectal Cancer
Had been having symptoms for 2-3 years
Family history-grandmother Uterine cancer, great aunts-stomach, uterine, and colon

Please get a colonoscopy!!!


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Diagnosed at 48 with Stage 3 colon cancer (tumour the size of a "small football", 3 lymph nodes affected).

No immediate family has had colon cancer, but two great aunts had it in their 60's. Both my parents died from oesophageal cancer in their 70's.


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AGe 46 stage 3 rectal
age 47 stage 4, mets to lungs
age 50 stage 4, still have lung mets, now brain mets.
Only family history was maternal uncle who had diverticulitis and then did develop colo cancer.

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Age 43 stage 4 colon ca and met to liver.

Cancer in family, but not colorectal.


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My husband was dx at 51 (last Halloween-scary stuff) with IIb, perforated the colon no nodes or mestestis at that time, but will have surgery this Tuesday for a spot in the mesentery that lit up on PET when he was doing his check up after finishing his 6 months of chemo.

Mom: Stomach and Uterine
Dad: Mulitiple Myeloma
Grandfather: Lung (smoker)
Uncles mom side: colon and stomach
Sister dad's side: stomach

Yuck! Doctor told us that our sons should start screening at 25 with that much history.

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Dx March 2004 stage 2 rectal, age 46
have had mets to both lungs.
paternal grandmother died of colon cancer around age 65. many relatives on paternal side have had colon cancer, beginning in 40's and older. I didn't know any of this prior to diagnosis because they all live back east and I have never met them. I had always been told that my grandmother died of stomach cancer.
In looking back I had symptoms for years.
My mother and brother both have crones disease.

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Age 42, stage III colon, extensive family history of cancer.

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dx age 46, stage II. have been bleeding for 10-12 years. had it checked and was always told either hems or fissures. son checked last year age 23 dxed with colitis. breast cancer in family.
get the scope i wish i was told to a long time ago.

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I am posting for my best friend/sister-in law.
Diagnosed at age 42 Stage IV and no family history of cancer at all. She is currently under hospice care and has been given 2 weeks. I say get the colonoscopy.

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diagnosed, age 46, 3/17/03, no family history. I am the youngest of 5, genetic testing was negative


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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer at age 63. No family history.

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Dx at age 44 stage IV...One Family member stage iv dx at 60

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Age 32 at DX-Stage lV w/liver mets- family hx great grandmother (on maternal side) dx w/ cc at 70 something, and (maternal) great aunt's son was dx w/cc at 44. My doc's really don't consider this family hx as not first or second degree relatives.

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age 33, stage IV, grandfather-cancerous polyp at 80years old.

note: Genetic testing results were negative.

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stage iv - no family history - 24 YEARS OLD!

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46 years old colon cancer stage 3 but first breast cancer at 44 years old, then colon cancer metastize to liver at 49. Found out on my Mother side her aunt had it.

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Carl was diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer with mets to liver at age 36. He had been having symptoms for 3 years but had NO family history so no one thought it could be cancer. Genetic testing was negative too.

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At 64 diagnosed with rectal cancer. People my age seem to be under-represented in this survey, but you can take my response as representing the many of us oldsters who are dead, or at least don't know how to post.

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Age 41, stage IV, yes Dad colon cancer 63 years of age, maternal grand mother died of stomach cancer 50. Took genetic testing negative.

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Age 47 st 111c no history

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42 stage 3 with 2 nodes, Grandmother on mom side had it at age 70. She lived to be 89. My mother had polyps removed but no cancer. Now I'm hounding my brother and sister to get a colonoscopy. My brother finally schedule his and the dr told he wouldn't see him if it wasn't for me. I would love to see the age change from 50 to 40. Michelle

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Stage 3 dx 12/19/05. 42 years old the next day. No history of colon cancer but my dad had CLL and prostrate cancer. He died 9/06 from prostrate. I had problems since my early twenties that was put down to IBS. I just thought it was getting more frequent and was in a lot of pain for about 1 year. Was told it was growing for at least 5 years. Made my sister get a colonoscopy (only sibling) and she is squeaky clean. My 19 year old also was having problems and made her get colonoscopy. She is fine too thank goodness. My others will get colonoscopy at 30 yrs old. I agree that we need to change the age to at least as low as 40. Hopefully we can also get people to definately test.

Lisa F.

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Hi Barb,
Diagnosed with Low (nearly rectal) adenocarcinoma at age 39 Dukes A or stage 1
No family history (Maternal Grandmother had breast cancer)
Had symptoms for 1 year before dx - treated for hemmorhoids(sp?) for 6 months!!!!!
Docs thought I was too young/with no family history!!!!

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Diagnosed with stage IIIb at age 53, no symptoms, baseline colonoscopy that I had postponed from age 50;
dad died of metastatic colon cancer at age 85, he was diagnosed at age 82 with multiple symptoms.
Will your doc recommend and the insurance pay for a scope for hubby if he has no symptoms?


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