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Abdominal Gas

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Sorry for the indelicate post. My husband has been taking camptosar and avastin and is now off the drugs (for three weeks). He is having a real problem with abdominal gas. Has anyone else had this problem. He had a colon resection operation in May of 2006. We have followed a low-fat vegetarian diet for more than a year (the Ornish Diet)--lots of fruits, vegetables and grains. He has some heart issues and that is the reason for the super low-fat diet. Any thoughts?


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hatsheput, sorry you did not get any responses to your question. I struggle with gas also. I do find that if I use food combining, it does help. you can google it. but... basically it is about, not eating the sweets, fruits last. Some foods break down faster that others and that causes gas and burping. If you have ever felt bloated after a meal, is is often times due to gases building up. this may help.
good luck

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