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When did your side effects from chemo started?

Montrealer Member Posts: 10
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Hi folk!
Me again, I would like to know how side effects differ from one person to another. My dad started his chemo just 2 days ago but he seems reacting very well to Folfox 6 and had only hiccups as side effects so far. I was wondering if that means it would be the same for the next rounds or is it going to get worse everytime?

Thanx All for sharing your reactions to chemo!!
Great Day and keep on smiling =)


  • alta29
    alta29 Member Posts: 435
    he should no see mayor differences... maybe a little bit tired.... Good for him !
    God bless
  • apache4
    apache4 Member Posts: 272
    I am glad that he is doing well. My experience was that the first two times were the worst. After that, I would have different little annoying things like a mouth sore,but all in all it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Is he also doing the Levourican (sp), Oxaliplatin and Avastin? The Ox stuff causes the sensitivity to cold and the tingling in hands and feet. Avastin also caused some pretty good nose bleeds a couple of times. The treatments are worth it...I had 15 and have been stable for 6 mos. with StageIV mets to liver.
  • sladich
    sladich Member Posts: 429
    My first treatment with Folfox made me very ill. Once I got the right nausea medicine all was good. With each treatment I did find that the neuropathy and fatigue worsened.

  • vinny3
    vinny3 Member Posts: 928
    I had Folfox 4. For me, the side effects got gradually worse each time and lasted longer. Especially the cold intolerance and then the neuropathy which is the side effect that made me quit after 9 cycles. However, I had very little problem with nausea but would just have less appetitie for a few days.