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do u have stage 2?

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Hiya guys n gals. My input here has been a little slack lately but not intentional by any means. One of the reasons is I have my life back! I really want to share this with you but more importantly share with those dx'd stage 2. I remember my reaction in august 03 when told I had cancer...."devestated"....now that word was not strong enough! "@^@&$%@#$&"....ah...that is more like it(scusey for swearing) This august it will be 4 years out from dx, 4 years NED in feb, 08.
I am astounded at the influx of afflicted here on CSN and pray that all of you, no matter what staging reap the rewards of enduring surgery and treatment. I wish that you all can tell us in the future that you are kicking the arse of the beast.
Stage 2'ers....take heart. With a little help from our wonderfull friends here on CSN know that there will be a "normal" life for you at the end of your journey. You will cry like I did(yes...ozzie guys do cry). You will have every challenge thrown at you and it will all seem so very hard at the time. Some will get thru this with few complications, others will need to battle harder. But at the end of the day the light will shine on you and your journey will become easier. The fear, worry, pain and anxiety will be in the past and you will one day be ablke to tell YOUR story of "surviving". I spent countless hours here in our "family" room writing to our many friends for information and support....THE GUYS AND GALS HERE ROCK!!!!
Jen and I both know the incredible value of this forum...the love...the comfort...the support...the friendships. Since 03 we all have also had to lean on each other as we watched some of our friends succumb to this evil disease.
Don't look at the statistics guys n gals. Many of us here like myself have been fortunate enough to have beaten the demon...we KICKED ARSE! YOU CAN TOO!!We hope and pray that ALL of our dear friends will also meet NED. Until that day hopefully those who have done so will instill into others that there is hope...BELIEVE!

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Cheers to U and your words of hope from a stage 2 cohort; ending almost a year of treatment, surgery and more treatment/surgery.

words of hope and the future drive so much power in healing.

I agree - forget the stats.

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good to hear from you. hope all is well with you and your family. well said my friend. i would not be where i am today without the support and love of our family here. i too am a stage II SURVIVOR dx may 04. try not to be a stranger but now that you have your life back enjoy,
be well
never,ever give up!!!!

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Hey ROSS!!!

So GLAD you checked in. I was beginning to worry, wart....lol!

How is your daughter doing? And Jen???

I'm so glad my 'rainbow man' is back...you were one of MY big inspirations!!!

Hugs, Kathi

(BTW, they recently used the other "C" word with me..."cure"...YEA!)

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Funnyguy....I hope that your aka describes your character mate because at times thru all the pain one must endure, yet also try to keep a smile......laughter can also be some of the best medicine. Stay safe and b well, Ross
G'day Bruce. Struth mate...the topics fly thru pretty quick now...so many people have been hit by this crap. All well here.....hoping you too are doing ok.
Kathi....Jen and daughter are both fine. Daughter hopefully gets her license back this week after losing it 4 months ago. No conclusive results for her epileptic fit...seems to be a one-off event...here's hoping! Don't worry 'bout me gal. Unfortunately my life is doing so well that time is not always available to be here. But rest assured I ain't leavin yas....lol!
C???????..........OF COURSE YAH WILL BE!!

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