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last day!

kathleenss Member Posts: 49
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
I am getting ready to go to work. During the day, I will go and have my pump disconnected for the last time. When I come home again, I will be a person who has completed 6+ months of FOLFOX! Now I just have to wait 2 weeks for the CT scan. I am celebrating with my knees knocking just a little. Oh, scan, be clear!


  • hopefulone
    hopefulone Member Posts: 1,043
    What a milestone, completing chemo. Celebrate!. Sending good thoughts and prayers for an all clear on the scan. God Bless
  • claud1951
    claud1951 Member Posts: 424
    That is so wonderful to hear! I'm so happy for you. Wow..not to have to go back again,,,imagine that!

    Best of luch on the CT scan.
  • keturah
    keturah Member Posts: 5
    Horray!!!! What a wonderful day! You made it! We will all be praying for a clear cat scan!
  • StacyGleaso
    StacyGleaso Member Posts: 1,233
    EXCELLENT NEWS! Time to celebrate!!

    Best wishes for clear scans, too!

  • sladich
    sladich Member Posts: 429
    Positive thoughts! Your scans will be clear.

  • DK2006
    DK2006 Member Posts: 126
    Congratulations on being done with chemo!
    Let the healing begin!
  • jams67
    jams67 Member Posts: 925
    It is such a wonderful feeling to be at the end of chemo.
    So happy for you.
    Jo Ann
  • Sam725
    Sam725 Member Posts: 87
    Great news, my husband finished one month ago today and we know what a great feeling it is. Stay strong and I am sending positive vibes your way along with adding you to my pray list.

  • KathiM
    KathiM Member Posts: 8,028

    NAKED HAPPY DANCE!!! (special permission from scouty...lol)

    Hugs, Kathi