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3 year anniversary, with thanks

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July 9 is the 3 yr anniversary of my completion of chemo (stage III, colectomy in Dec 03, 6 months chemo). Looking back, it is amazing what the first year following diagnosis was like. I found this site right after surgery, and don't know what I would have done without all the support and info I found here.
Thank you to all who have and continue to make this site all that it is; those of us who have met NED wish the same for all, and for you newbies, stay strong and focused, you will get through this, one day, one week at a time.
With gratitude, Judy

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Thanks for this update. I'm in that first year after diagnosis. It is very encouraging to see the posts from survivors farther down the road.

Congrats on 3 years NED!

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And thanks back to you Judy!!! You were one of the first I met here and have given me back what you got from this site. What goes around comes around.......right!!!

Celebrate your day/week/month/year!!!!

Lisa P.

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Congrtas on 3 years!!!!!
I had mine in May. You were one of the first to respond to me and I will never forget. yes this site is a God sent
Be well
Never,ever give up!!!

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Thanks for your congrats- and congrats back to you too! Enjoy your anniversary :)
Heather and Carl

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Never know what date to consider the anniversary: the diag, the surgery or the end of chemo...?
So thrilled for you! Have fun!!!
Best wishes, Maura

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My onc said they count from dx, but I feel better counting from surgery. After all, that is when they cut this alien thing out of my body.
Jo Ann

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Congratulations! It is always encouraging to us to hear about those who have traveled this same path and are now years beyond treatment.This site wouldn't be what it is without the encouragement of those that have been there.


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How cool is that!!!
You deserve a BIG Hug!

There you go. Enjoy life always

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JUDY! Where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday we were rubbing elbows with SpongeBob & Sharon Osbourne!

So happy for you! So proud to call you my friend!


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Joo-dee, Joo-dee, Joo-dee!

It seems like just yeaterday that you and I were sitting on Sharon Osbourne's couch chatting with her and Stacy! On the other hand it seems like a lifetime ago! Who would have thunk we'd of done so much in the that short amount of time!

I am so happy for you! Keep on a-rockin'! I look forward to maybe pulling into your neck of the woods in October and treating you to dinner! I might even make it up to see Lisa & Andy!!

You keep on being you!


- Sponge

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what a milestone, NED, I am so happy for you. I hope you go out and celebrate


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Congratulations and celebrate. God Bless

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WOW! Congratulations on hitting the 3 year mark!!
Best wishes,

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