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Blood Thinners & Cancer

nudgie Member Posts: 1,478
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Hey all, I am hoping everyone is doing GREAT!!! Haven't posted in a while but wanted to get some opinions.

Had a PE during my last surgery of 27 Feb 07 which made the surgeon and doctors agree I should go on blood thinners for about 9-12 months per industry standard, but now the doctor I am seeing for my blood thinning regime is stated that since I have had cancer that I will probably have to stay on the blood thinners for life. Since I was not happy with that statement I asked my Primary Care doc, an well known internist and he disagreed because if there is NO cancer the risk is no loner there. I also got the same impression from my Oncologist who is also a blood doctor (forgot the special name).


  • StacyGleaso
    StacyGleaso Member Posts: 1,233

    I guess the question is what is their reason for putting you on blood thinners? Something other than cancer-related? I would give the doc who wants to keep you on the thinners the names and phone numbers of your oncologist/hemotologist and your Primary Care doc and have them discuss it. Maybe one is seeing an advantage that another one is missing?

    But how nice was it to hear that there is NO CANCER?!?!? HOORAY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!



    P.S. Did you figure out Nashville?
  • KathiM
    KathiM Member Posts: 8,028
    Coumadin is a REAL PAIN!!! My daughter, and my beau, have both been on it. And off, when the situation was resolved. Stacy's response is what I agree with....(computer consultant here...guess who knows more...lol!).

    Normal course, even for my daughter's blood clot, was 6 months post clot, then gone. This stuff requires constant monitoring, and vigilance for you because, as you already know, if you cut yourself, you bleed, well, freely!

    Stacy pointed out that "NO" word....is it time for a naked happy dance????

    Hugs, Kathi
  • hopefulone
    hopefulone Member Posts: 1,043
    my husband was put on lovenox injections for 6 mos , a couple of weeks ago. He can't take coumadin because of the xeloda. We were told thinners for six months.