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I was diagnosed with stage 4/mets to liver in Dec./05. I finished chemo (Folfox) August 4, 2006 and have been good ever since....very low CEA...as far as I know NED. HOWEVER....Too many people ask me "what is wrong with your voice"? Sometimes I have no voice at all...sometimes very raspy(sp?)...sometimes normal but very often just off. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it an off-shoot of 6 months of chemo?I haven't gone to my doctor for this problem, but think it might be time!!!!?


  • vinny3
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    I had Folfox and Avastin and had the same problem. It did improve though after chemo ended but I only did 9 cycles and don't remember how long it took to improve.

  • jerseysue
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    Yes I had the same problem however mine was more while doing the chemo. Once the chemo was over my voice was back to normal. I always thought it felt like a small "burning" sensation. Get it checked out see what they say.
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    Hi that also happened to my dad. whenever he did chemo he would have a very weak voice. I think it was a combination of the chemo and being weak from the chemo. Mindy
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    Hi Lynn,
    Carl just finished 8 rounds of FOLFOX and 2 of FOLFIRI and he definitely had voice issues with the FOLFOX- in fact I posted about it many months ago asking if it was normal to have a raspy voice on that chemo. I am surprised to hear that you are still having a problem after being off chemo for almost a year. Carl's voice usually got better after a couple weeks. (Though I have no idea if he will have the same problem in the future...)
    Heather and Carl
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    I get the raspy voice about 2 days into the chemo. Same meds + Avastin. I think it has something to do with the Oxaliplatin. I feel it worse in air conditioning.