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Dealing with this

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good afternoon. I am Adam from NY. in Aug 2005 was dx with colon cancer. had resection of colon at end of aug '05. First regimen of folfox Oct'05 till may'06. had follow up Pet/ct in aug 2006. dr. found lesion on right lobe of liver. Sept 07 had RFA (radiofrequency ablation). Had 2 regimen of chemo with folfiri. during this time a focal pont in the area right outside where the ablation was done..began to grow. spoke w onc..said surgery necc. was not pleased with how we were treated when we spoke with him. went for 2nd opinion at NYU cancer clinic in NYC. Onc said surgery is necc, and chemo after. Spoke with surg oncologist same day...was concerned about fatty infil. on liver. placed me on Bariatric diet( which i Began this week) surgery was tent sch for 7/24. At time we met with surgeon...he req I have an MRI to see liver better. Well when he saw it he said not only did the one we knew about show up, but another one just north of that one. He said I had a fatty liver.. he said he thinks he saw another spot on left lobe. but was not 100% sure (said it just may be a benign cyst or a shadow). Going for PET/CT tomorrow. Dr said that if more than just 2 or 3 appear...then no surgery just chemo. Although he did say that if he sees 2 on RT lobe and just one on left...that he will do surgery (cut rt lobe) and deal with spot on LFT lobe with chemo. It has been a rocky road. my sanity is wearing thin. At same time my wife and I want to start a family. We need to talk to ONC about that first. anyway. I just wanted to get my thoughts out here. I have read many of your postings and have eased my mind a little. if you have any comments or wishes of good vibes please send them this way. thanks to you all

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I know what you mean about it being a rocky road. I've had one complication or another every step of the way. Thankfully none of them were too serious.

I am sending lots of good vibes your way. I hope tomorrow's scan show it is just a cyst on the left and no other sites on the right. Good luck. Hang in there and keep fighting.

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Hi Adam,
I'm a stage 4 survivor. Dx Aug 2004.Colon Resect/Liver Resect/6mos. Chemo. I'm just dealing with a liver met recurrence which was treated with RFA. I had about 2/3 of my liver taken in the first resection. Regeneration has been good and there have been no ill effects. Resection of right and RFA of left may be an option for you. Even if the RFA is done at a later date.
Good luck with the PET/CT Scan. Let us know the results.
Hang in there!
Rob; in Vancouver

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Hi Adam. NY here also.(upstate) My husband has stage IV with about 5 mets to liver. Largest is 1.3 cm now.(started at 2.1) 4 smaller ones 9mm and 4 mm approx. 3 have shrunk, 2 stable. He's on chemo clinical trial, avastin, xeloda and oxal since march .No pump . He recently developed a small blod clot in leg from the avastin so now is on lovenox also , but still on same regimen, at least for now. We too are hopeful that surgery becomes an option or rfa,etc. If you can't have the surgery right away, it may be possible in the future if the mets shrink enough or disappear, so don't lose hope. Good luck on your pet/ct .His is tomorrow also . I hope it's a lucky day for both of us. God Bless

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Hey Adam,

You asked for it...good wishes, good vibes - all the positive stuff I have I'm sending it your way. Stay strong and let us know how it goes.

Just know that you've got friends here who understand and will listen...

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Hi Adam: I know how you feel, I´m going through the same thing right now. I just had a pet scan done to find out whether surgery is an option. All I can tell you is to go into tomorrow´s test KNOWING that surgery is an option. I have gone through scheduled surgery, and had it cancelled less than 24 hours before the surgery. I´ve learned to live day by day and that seems to help me fight this beast. Good vibes coming your way. Monica

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Hi Adam,

More good vibes your way. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. You have gone through so much that here is to hoping you get good news.

Lisa F.

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Good vibes sent your way! Enough is enough!!!

I had stage III rectal followed by stage II breast (both primary sites...NOT mets...) 6 months later.

As of last week, NED for BOTH cancers for 1 year...2 years on the rectal...YEA!!!

Here's hoping you will reach that soon...

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Adam,

Sending good vibes your way. I had 2 recurrences in the liver. Liver resection the first time. Chemoembolization, RFA, Chemoembolization the second time. I hope we've killed the *******'s this time. Last 2 cans showed cleared. Best of luck to you.


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