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Now that I have calmed down....

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So it's been a few days since I was here last and I just want to thank everyone who answered my last post with encourging words. Replay...husband had his CT scan after finishing his 6 months of chemo and it wasnt' so good. So I have a copy of the CT report and this is what it says.. R upper lobe in lung 3-4 cm nodule, also one same size in subpleural posteriorly plus 2 more in the left lung apex. Lungs clear of focal infiltrate, no effusions or pneumothoraces. The we get to this.. in the mesentery of the lower abdomen there is 2 soft tissue densities identified with surrounding haziness of the fat. Largest measures 3.6x1.4. Also haziness in left lower quadrant which they call post surgical. No evidence of free intraperitoneal air or free fluid. Okay anyone want to comment? How come the chemo he was taking didn't kill those suckers? What does the mesentery do? I look up mesentery cancer and get nothing other than colon cancer. I don't know I guess just wanting to know if anyone else out there has had this or not. Thanks for listening. Sandy

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I'm sure that someone will be able to clarify the CT scan information for you. My first CT Scan report scared the living day lights out of me. It was full of "questionable" nodes in lungs etc. I had a repeat CT scan in 3 months and it found that the "questionable" where the results of my Chemo and radiation, and I was given NED.

I do sincerely hope that your husband gets good news.

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Sandy, I'm glad you have calmed down, not an easy task. Once cancer is diagnosed... the radiologist report everything possible. This is NOT to say the results are nothing.. they seem to have found some growths.

The mesentery refers to the layers of skin and tissue responsible for connecting the small intestines to the back wall of the abdomen. Between these layers are blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves. Mesentary is a connector of the intestines.

The chemo your husband was on didn't zap it all. Some cell, somewhere became resistant and had some babies. NExt step is to meet with your onc and get on a new path. Is this the first CT done, or just the first one showing nodules.

All is NOT lost. There is still plenty of hope. Just try to remember to be there and supportive, and stay on your quest to find information to help your husband.

I hope your next appt with the doc goes well. I am sending good vibes your way.

Stay strong. jana

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Wow...that is a lot to take in. Has your husband met with his oncologist yet - since having that CT scan? If not, you might want to consider calling the doc at your first and earliest opportunity and ask for an immediate consultation for review and interpretation of the CT results, even if it's over the phone.

Just like Joyce, there are so many things noted on my CT scans (lung, liver, chest, ovary, uterus nodules) that without my doctor's feedback I would think I was in really bad shape, but actually I'm NED. I truly hope this will be the case for your husband too.

It seems that a PET scan should be ordered for your husband ASAP.

I'll keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted...

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My first CT had my gastro saying "she's in bad shape...looks like it's infiltrated into the uterus....."

It didn't, just the rectum and a few nodes...

To this day, every CT scan, notes the 3 'spots' on my liver...my resection showed that these were just 'spots'...lol

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Sandy,
Like the others I also have various things show on my CT scan, a "hypodensity" in the spleen was a particular concern. I had a combined CT/PET scan that was able to differentiate between malignant tissue and "other processes". I hope you're able to get more information and a good interpretation from the Onc.
Bye for now... Rob; in Vancouver

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Hi Sandy, I feel the same as others do. I have had several scans that said something "major" was happening only to find out it was nothing. That being said, When I was first dx, the colon ca had penetrated the colon wall and grew in my mesentary and perirectal fat ( it was removed when I had my colon surgery). I may have missed it, but what chemo regimine was he on. Also, I agree that it would be beneficial to have PET. Stay strong and I hope you both will have an explanation or new plan soon.


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Hi Sandy,

I'm sending good vibes that the scan is just noting all items like it is supposed to and sounds worse then it really is. It sucks that you got the results around a holiday. Hopefully you can call someone tomorrow to get this all cleared up.

Lisa F.

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