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only one more chemo left!

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After getting all excited last week, and then getting shot down by low white cells, today I finally had #11 FOLFOX! In two weeks, Lord willing, I will have my last one.

Today and the last time three weeks ago, I had an entirely new problem. I got home around 2 pm with my little pump, and I felt awful. Backache, joint pains, and fever up to 102. When I checked with the dr., he said that since I had just had extensive blood work done, he was pretty sure I didn't have an infection. I drank lots of cold liquids (I can drink them now, I just can't hold the container without something around it.) and took one tylenol. Now, 2 hr. later, I feel much better. He said, again, that if I was still feverish in the morning to come in, but last time I was fine.

I'm going to really celebrate in a couple of weeks, but I'll have to wait until the strangeness goes away. Weird.


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Congrats on coming to an end on the chemo. Keep us posted and prayers you'll be feeling better soon.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! One more chemo is such a HUGE accomplishment! I am so happy for you!

Before long, this whole experience will be just a memory!


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Great news; hang in there. I finished my chemo on July 9, 2004....it's really the only "anniversary" date from this whole ordeal that has stayed with me. I love that it's so close to the 4th....I'm always sure that some of the fireworks are for my own celebration! Best of luck, Judy

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