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Hello everyone. Sorry I do not write often but I do read the messages. Brief hx. Stage 4 Colon cancer dx. 8/03. Most recent petscan was Dec.06.
Most recent surgery was March 07 for completion
of the removal of the rest of the colon which was
inflamed. I was left with an illestomy on the right side. I have been out of work since Nov.06 due to very painful compression fractures of the spine assocoated with chemo, radiation, hysterectomy, causing osteoporosis and a deficiency in Vit.D which was not being absorbed and softened the bones. I found in April 07 a bump on the left upper part of my head. It is getting larger. I showed my oncoligist and he said it could be related to the shrinking of the bone structure because of the osteoporosis. I showed him again on the 2nd visit and he said it
feels soft. He also said on the next visit with him which is JUne 26th he will check it again. I am very very scared as it is starting to hurt especially when I am laying on that side. I know colon cancer mostly goes to the liver and lungs.
Can adenocarinoma go to the brain as well???
Very frightening. Your friend FRan
P.S. cea still at 0.5 . Surgeon in March found no re-occurance in abdomen in March 07.

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Hello Fran,

Sorry to hear about your struggles. Did that PET scan in December include your head? Keep in mind your good CEA (it's less than mine and I'm NED), and your good results in March.

I can only imagine how scared you must be, but my brother, who is part of an HNPCC family that has had too many people diagnosed with cancer, has had multiple soft cysts on his head that were benign. I hope this is the case with you.

Perhaps you might call your doctor tomorrow and tell him you are coming in early for tests that he will order as appropriate. If you're frightened, the best thing you can do is take as much control of your situation as you can.

I discovered during my own battle with cancer that a more active approach helped my mental state immensely. As SpongeBob said to me many times during my fight, "soldier on!"

I hope this helps. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Oh Fra, I am so sorry for the battles you are undergoing right now. I have missed hearing from you.

I have always been told that the "mind" is a very powerful tool and can actually play games with you and your body. It is hard to get certain thoughts out of your head as I have been there.

Please let us know the results of the upcoming tests and drs appts.

Sending BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Fran. Don't apologise gal. And if you must, apologise for me too please. I have been absent without leave too but am sure everyone understands. I agree with Katie(hiya Bob!) and would ask the doctor to look at that lump again asap. If you appeal to him and tell him of your extreme concerns I am sure that he won't make you wait. I think dr's need a little nudge now and then. Sometimes they forget how worrying any changes we notice can be.
Hope it all works out ok for you.
Ross and Jen

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Hi Fran,

I agree with the others. For your peace of mind you should get your doc to do some tests. With all the problems you have had recently you don't need the anxiety of not knowing. Sending good vibes that this is a "non-cancerous" issue and easily taken care of. HUGS.

Lisa F

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Hi Fran,
I am sorry to hear you are still experiencing so much anxiety! I know how hard it can be. I am 2 1/2 years + out now and I am only now starting to feel confident that I really am OK. Colon cancer can travel to the brain, but it would not manifest itself as a soft lump on you head like that. I mean, you would not be able to see or feel it....There is a man who lived across the street from me at my old place who had this huge cyst on his forehead. It was not cancerous, but I always wondered why he did not have it removed! LOL.. No, anyway, your CEA is excellent and if you had a brain met it would not be 0.5, rest assured.
Maybe you can call about your June 26 appt., have it moved up and get the cyst removed.
Best wishes, I hope you feel a little better after reading all the posts!

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With a cea like yours, it is probably a sabacious cyst. I have a small bump on my head and that is what I've been told.
All of us worry about things we don't know about, so knowledge is very powerful. Hope the doc will be able to tell you more. If not, go to someone who can and get a definite answer. Let us know what you find out.
Jo Ann

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