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It's a good day!

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Hi all,
First I want to say " THANK YOU" to all of you for being there when I came here 6 months ago. Today was my husbands last chemo treatment. He got thru the 6 months with very little problems. He is tired but he worked thru it all. I can't thank you enough for just being there. I didn't post much but have looked in on all of you everyday. Just reading all the positive messages has helped me as a caregiver to encourage and to nuture him during this journey. Monday is his CT scan (he was a stage 2, tumor perorated the wall but no nodes involved). I am a little nervous, it's that fear of the unknown again. I guess the last 6 months I have known we were doing something and now were not. I can't image what he is thinking right now. Once again we must take each day as it comes, and have faith that the beast has been beaten. THANK YOU. Sandy

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Hi Sandy,
Great news hubbie is finished with chemo. It sounds like your husbands dx was the same as mine. I was dx in may 04 with stageII broke thru wall but no nodes involved and 6 months chemo as a precaution. I am now 3 months ned and taking 1 day at a time. I had a temp bag did your husband have 1, if so tell him to not do lifting for a while. I did lift and just faced my 2nd hernia repair where the colon was resected. Yes you do have a feeling of let down, I did but it goes away. Must have a positive attitude and faith in the Man upstairs. Please give him my regards and if there is anything I can help him with to please email me. This site one of the reasons I have made it this far, a lot of caring,survivors,caregivers here.
Be well
Never,ever give up!!!!!

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Good job! I'm so glad to hear that your husband came through chemo alright. It is wierd when it is done, but as time goes on, you will be happy you did it and came through the other side. God Bless!

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Hi Sandy,

Congratulations to you both on your husband's completion of chemo. I know his CT scan will show that he is clear of cancer. However, it is so normal to be apprehensive and to feel uneasiness at stopping chemo. The good news is that with time that changes and life will resume its fast pace. Please keep us posted on his progress.



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I want to encourage you to talk to your husband and ask him how he feels about it. I loved that my husband shared his fears as a caregiver and then I was able to share mine with him. Break the ice and talk. It will be such a relief to both of you.
Jo Ann

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Congratulations and celebrate!!

God Bless, Diane

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