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My dad's new result's

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My Dad just got his biopsy results back and they show he has cancer now in his liver with 8-9 liver mets. He is now just getting ready to start chemo again, but we are all scared. Surgery for his liver is not an option, at least not right now. It might be later on, only if the mets get smaller with chemo. They are going to try a different kind of chemo this time since the other one didn't work really well the last time and plus made him pretty sick. They also gave him an option of getting a port or a groshing put in. He had the groshing the last time, as they never even told us anything about a port. What do you all recommend? I sure hope this chemo treatment goes better than the last time, becasue I don't think he will finish it if it goes bad or if he will do it again if it returns. Any advice..... Also they just ordered his first PET scan, that he should be getting this next week sometime.
Just thought I would give you all an update.
All the prayers i can get would be great.
Thanks, Dana

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I think that the groshong is like a Hickman. I have had both Hickman and port-a-cath. I MUCH prefer the port. The Hickman exits the skin -- so the tubes are external to the body (is this like what your Dad had last time?). The port is entirely under the skin. I find the port much more pleasant psychologically. when I'm not having chemo, I can almost forget it is there. With the Hickman, I was always conscious of the tubes -- and it was a fiddle having a bath and with clothing (not that your father has to worry about bra placement!). That's just my opinion.

What kind of chemo was your Dad on before, and what kind are they recommending now? Although everyone's reaction is different, people on this board might be able to share their experiences.

I was sorry to learn about the liver mets. Thinking of you and your dad.

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My dad will be taking leucovorin, irinotecan, fluorouracil (injection) and avastin. If any of you have taken any of this, please let me know how it worked for you. The Dr. was great and sat with us for over an hour and talked to us about what didn't work the last time and what he thought would work this time.
Let me know.
Thanks, Dana

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Hi Dana. I'm sorry the news wasn't better. My husband has same thing , about 5 liver mets between both lobes. He is on xeloda, avastin and oxal and mets are showing some signs of shrinkage now after 4 complete cycles. Still not a candiate for resection, but maybe in future or rfa is a possibility. We will be checking into that after the next scan or two. He has the port and it's a good thing. I think it will make things easier on your dad. Let us know how he does. Email me anytime here if you'd like. Do you know what regimen he will be starting? Good luck and God Bless


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I would say the port is much easier then the pic line. Once the port is in and just a few days of some pain (nothing a pain pill can't fix) the port is well worth it.

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Dear Dana:
I'm truly sorry about your latest news! I'm praying the new chemo cocktail will work well for your Dad. And personally, I think the port is the way to go. I can go for many days and forget it's there. It's painfree and almost non-detectable.
Good luck & keep us posted!

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I'm sorry to hear this news. My dad has a port. I barely notice it, and I don't think he notices it much either. I will keep you and your father in my prayers. Even if surgery is not an option, there are other procedures for liver mets like radiofrequency ablation and sir-spheres. Don't give up hope. Your father can beat this. Please e-mail me if you have any questions or just need to vent.

God bless,


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I had a port put in...it was a Godsend! I'm glad they are trying a different chemo...my onc told me once that she had actually had many successes after the 2nd or 3rd line!!!

My prayers are going up for both dad AND you!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Dana, I replied on the other thread to your question but here's some more. Go with the port. That's what I have and it's like it's not even there. Takes about 30 minutes to put in and not painful (at least it wasn't for me). Good luck and will be praying for you and your dad and family.

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